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We hope that this information is clear for you, and of course should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Education Support Team.

User guide

Take a look at the Online Module Selection user guide for further information and some screenshots of the process.

Online module selection


Online module selection will open on Thursday 29th August, and you can access it through iExeter, your student portal.

The first thing you will need to do is check the relevant programme structure to see how many elective credits your programme allows you take.  You are unable to change any of your compulsory modules as these are essential for you to gain your degree.

Modules are made up of either 15 or 30 credits.  A 15 credit module will occur in only one term, and a 30 credit module will occur over two terms.

In each year of your degree you must take a total of 120 credits.  You can choose to take these credits in any of the disciplines within the Business School, which are Accounting, Economics, Management and Organisation Studies, or you can choose to take them from other colleges around the University. 

Please check the first year module specifications, as that will give you full information on the aims, learning outcomes, syllabus outline, reading list and assessment.

The University of Exeter values the ability for students to have the opportunity for open module choice where academically feasible. However, it may be the case that some module choices may not be compatible for scheduling purposes and students will be asked to re-choose to avoid clashes.

Timetable information will be available on iExeter from 16th September 2019.

Although you are currently choosing your 1st year modules, you will find it useful to look ahead to 2nd and 3rd year modules.  The reason for this is that some modules have specific pre-requisites, which may affect your choices.

You will be choosing your electives through a link on your iExeter student portal. Here you will find everything you may need during your time at the Business School, including email and calendar access, viewing your timetable, library links, and retrieving material for submitting assignments.

You will get the opportunity to ask module lecturers questions during Freshers week, but we ask that should you have any questions before then please email the Education Support Team on

Students are requested to complete online module selection by Friday 20th September 2019 to give you the best chance of receiving your chosen electives but, if there are genuine reasons why you cannot meet that deadline, access will remain until 4pm on 27th September 2019.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Education Support Team.

After this day any changes that you would like to make will need to be done in person through the Education Support Team.  Please note that we will only allow changes to be made up until Friday 5th October 2018.  After this date you will have to keep the elective choices that you have made.

Foreign Language Centre

Those students that are on an International or European study abroad or work placement may be interested in taking a foreign language module at the Foreign Language Centre (FLC) which counts towards your 120 credits.  These language modules are also available to any other students who have an interest in widening their language abilities. 

Before selecting a Foreign Language module, please ensure that you first read the module entry level descriptors on the FLC website.  Here you will also find online placement tests for some of the languages we offer, which will give you an indication of your level. 
For further advice, or if you would like to arrange to speak to a language tutor, please contact the Foreign Language Centre,

As well as making your choice online you will need to complete an FLC Module Registration Form and return it to  Returning this form will enable the FLC team to allocate you a place more effectively in the module you have chosen. 

You may be interested also in having the language you study added to your degree title, as "with proficiency in...".

You can register at the FLC at any time in Freshers' Week. If you would like to speak to a tutor in person, then come and see them at their registration sessions in the Queen's Building FLC Resource Centre: 

Wednesday 18th September

Monday 23rd September

The deadline for registration is 12:00midday on Friday 4th October.  More information.