MSc International Management Careers Camp

We are really looking forward to welcoming you to the University of Exeter Business School to start your MSc International Management this September.

Your introduction to the programme starts on Wednesday 20th September with a special event in Induction Week – the MSc International Management Careers CampThis will take place in the Innovation Centre, which is located further up Rennes Drive from the Business School – number 25 on the University map.

For three days we will be working with you to help you to shape and design your ideal career path. The Careers Camp is all about you focusing on you, while at the same time understanding the objectives of the programme further and getting to know your classmates for the forthcoming year.

The aim of this module is to enable you to learn more about you so that you can plan and manage your career more effectively. Crucially, you will learn how to get the most out of your MSc studies and how you can apply that learning effectively to your career post-graduation. The additional bonus is that this can count as one of your optional modules, therefore it can count towards your degree, which means that you will have already completed the majority of a module before you start formal teaching.

Attendance at the Careers Camp is compulsory – so please make sure you are here and ready to start the programme on the 20th September.

The schedule below is an indication of the types of things you will be doing over the three days:

Careers Camp Wednesday 20th to Friday 22nd September 2017


Wednesday 20th
Innovation Centre

Thursday 21st
Innovation Centre

Friday 22nd
Innovation Centre


Session 1

Welcome to the programme and the Careers Camp

Programme Director

Session 6

Understanding who you are and the impact on your career choice – MBTI profiling

Careers Team

Session 12

Identifying career options – what, where, when & how

Q &As

Careers Team


                                                        Coffee Break


Session 2

Career Management Framework: Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

Career Planning in Action – making this year work for your career

Careers Team

Session 7

Career Resources and opportunities at Exeter
Careers Team

11.15 Global Career Employability
Susannah Day


11.30 Visas and working in the UK
Suzanne Aburagheb


Session 13
Module assessment

Programme Director


Session 14
Academic skills

Alison Truelove



 Session 3
Careers Aspirations survey, Careers Team

Session 8

Try/Think/Do - Entrepreneurship at Exeter
David Solomides





Session 4

Teambuilding and ice-breaker session



Session 9

Employer Talk – What makes a successful candidate


Session 15

Developing presentation skills and personal impact –Rob Hayes

Games - Stance; owning the space; voice; body language

Everyone to present a one-minute talk on their career goal/plans/ideas



Session 10

Career Success (Alumni)

How I landed my dream job

(including bumps along the way)

Guest Speaker




Session 5
Feedback and learning

Programme Director

Session 11
Presentation from the Chartered Management Institute on the CMI qualification and benefits



BiteSize Resource Talks

Streatham Court A





NB – Friday evening Drinks Reception – Marquee outside XFi for all PG students 16.30-19.00

There will be follow-up seminars/workshops (2 hour sessions) every second week of term one.  These will include activities to develop a critical approach to sources of information and practical methods of researching new career options and labour markets in different global contexts, with a specific focus on one-to-one coaching sessions.  We will also be arranging for you to have a one-to-one careers coaching meeting in weeks one and two of the term. These will be available in the group study rooms in Building:One with a University of Exeter Careers Coach and will focus on:

  • Research techniques for sourcing appropriate career opportunities, including networking
  • Personal branding, LinkedIn profile and CV design
  • Applications and psychometric testing
  • Interview techniques
  • Assessment centres

We would remind all students, even those of you who have studied at the University of Exeter before, that attendance at the Careers Camp is compulsory and will be invaluable to you progressing in your career post-graduation.

Please check your Induction Week timetable for these event details – and we look forward to seeing you there!