Previous guest speakers

Previous One Planet MBA guest speakers from 2014, 2015 and 2016


Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever

Breakfast with Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever 17th December 2016

Ken Webster, Head of Innovation, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Keynote Speaker at the One Planet MBA 5th Anniversary Celebration 16th December 2016

Gavin Warner, Director Sustainable Business Unilever

The One Planet MBA Corporate Challenge: "Driving a shift towards a more circular economy" 12th-16th December 2016

Richard Eckley, Senior Investment Analyst, Crowd Cube

The Future of FinTech 9 December 2016

Andrew North, Engagement Manager, Co-op UK

Co-ops: Past, Present and Future 8 December 2016

Trevor Worth, OPMBA Alumnus, Portcullis Legal

Business Model Innovation 7 December 2016

Kate Few-Singh, Director of Income Generation, Hospiscare

Assignment Partner 6 December 2016

Erinch Sahan, Acting Head Private Sector Team, Campaigns & Policy, Oxfam GB

Assignment Partner 6 December 2016

Ciara Eastell, CEO Libraries Unlimited

Steve Turner, Head of Commercial & Innovation Libraries Unlimited

Business Doing Well and Doing Good 6 December 2016

Georgie Morris, BLAB

Business Doing Well and Doing Good 6 December 2016

Alexandra Florea, Marks & Spencer

M&S - Translating Value to the Customer 6 December 2016

Ryan Sheppard, Vice President, Content Strategy, Production and Promotion, Thomson Reuters

  28 November 2016

Mike Bernard, Head, Portfolio Marketing, IBM Europe

What Makes a Good Leader? 14 November 2016

Alistair Banks, Director, Optix Solutions

Social Media Marketing 21 October 2016

Emmanuel Lulin, Senior VP and Chief Ethics Office, L'Oreal Paris 

How Ethics Shapes the Way L'Oreal does business 20 October 2016

Tony Roxburgh, Economics Advisor, WWF UK 

Global Challenges: Risks to Business 20 September 2016

Prof Stephan Harrison, Climate Risk,

Climate Cgange Risk Management 20 September 2016

Athena Peppes, Economist, Accenture

Global Economic Cgallenges 20 September 2016

Dr Martin Rosbson, Lecturer in Strategic Studies, Strategy & Security Institute, University of Exeter

Global Challenges Geo Political 20 September 2016

Robin Gaddum, Associate Partner Resilience, IBM

Technological Risk 21 September 2016

Erinch Sahan, Acting Head Private Sector Team, Campaigns & Policy, Oxfam GB

Global Societal Challenges, a view from Oxfam 21 September 2016

Dan Morey, Innovation Manager, Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade and Innovation 21 September 2016

Chris Hewitt, Head of Climate Service Development, MET office

Climate Resilience 21 September 2016

Pat Gaudin, CIPR Chartered PR Practitioner

Professional Practice, Planning Research and Evaluation, Campaign Planning 25&26 May 2016

Jason Mackenzie, President-Elect of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations & Managing Director, Liquid

Public Relations in Context 25 May 2016

Ben Verinder, Founder and Managing Director, Chalkstream Communications Limited

Introduction to Strategic Public Relations 24 May 2016

Sue Wolstenholme, Ashley Public Relations

Module leader, Strategic Public Relations 24-27 May 2016

Peter Naude, Professor of Marketing, Manchester University Business School

Developing a Value Proposition Toolkit for Business to Business Marketing 17&18 May 2016

Matthew Morley, Student Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Exeter

Effective Pitching 27 Apr 2016

Peter Stockman, Senior Manager for SME Banking, Lloyd's Banking group

Sources of Finance 27 Apr 2016

Jack Romero, International Entrepreneur

Consolidate Blank Canvas 27 Apr 2016

Tom Moore, IP Specialist, Stephen Scown Solicitors

Intellectual Property 26 April 2016

Andrew Martin, Senior Manager - Monitoring and Continuous Improvement, Foreign Trade Association

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) 24 March 2016

David Solomides, Business Growth Coach

Marketing the Opportunity 24 March 2016

Robin Jackson, Set Squared, Chief Executive Officer of Peninsula Innovations Limited

Value Proposition & Managing Customer Relationships/Revenue Streams/Idea Communication 23 Mar 2016

Louise Rose, Try Student Start Ups Coordinator, University of Exeter Students' Guild

Idea Generation and Opportunity Recognition/Idea Validation

Networking and Virtual Team Building/Effective Pitching

23 Mar 2016

27 Apr 2016

Andrew Honnor, Managing Partner and Founder of Greenbrook Communications

A Masterclass in Crisis Communication and Leadership 4 Mar 2016

Graham Moxham, Divisional Investment Manager, Wessex Water

Leading and Managing Change 2 Mar 2016

Jamie Stewart, Centre for Leadership Studies

John Sutherland, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers

Lucie Hartley, Chief Executive, EDP Drug and Alcohol Services

Justin Featherstone, Leadership and Expedition Consultant, Lecturer

Simon Lawder, Author, Leadership Coach and Workshop Facilitator

Leadership Debates

15, 22, 29 Feb 2016

Jamie Cole, Executive Partner, IBM Analytics

Big Data for a smarter world

24 Feb 2016

DCI Samatha de Reya, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

Ethics and Professional Standards

19 Jan 2016

Gavin Warner, Head of Circular Economy, Unilever

The journey to creating the world's largest circular economy company

15 Jan 2016

Stephen Childe, Fab Lab Exeter & Charles Isiadinso, movie R

Emerging Business Models: 3D printing

14 Jan 2016

Michael Saunby, Infomatics Lab, UK MET Office

Emerging Business Models: Big and open data

14 Jan 2016

Kathie Treene and Richard Eckley, Crowdcube

Emerging Business Models:  Crowdfunding

14 Jan 2016

Mary Woodgate, Global Programmes Senior Manager, Accenture Development Partnerships

The rise of the fouth sector and utilising intrapreneurship for good

13 Jan 2016

James Vaccaro, Head of Corporate Strategy, Triodos Bank

Social entrepreneurship: The rise of B-corp and impact investment

13 Jan 2016

Mark Hodgson, Founder, QSA Partners & Co-cars Exeter

Collaborative consumption & the sharing economy

13 Jan 2016

Trevor Worth, Founder, iWill and One Planet MBA alumnus

Emerging Business Models: Case Study - iWill

12 Jan 2016

Matthew Gitsham, Director of Business and Sustainability, The Ashridge Centre

Strategic Challenges of Sustainable Development Goals 

5 Jan 2016

Geoff Bowen, Founder, Pebblebed wines

Field visit (Entrepreneurship)

6 January 2015

Jay Allan, Founder, Hillside Speciality Foods

Field visit (Entrepreneurship)

6 January 2015

Adam Sayner and Eric Jong, Founders, Grocycle

Field visit (Entrepreneurship)

6 January 2015

Neil Westwood, Managing Director, Magic Whiteboard Limited

As if by Magic - A Dragon's Den Success!

7 January 2015

Oliver Blackwell, Industrial Designer

Creativity and Innovation

7 January 2015

Sue Riddlestone OBE, Bioregional

 An Entrepreneur's Story - One Planet Living

7 January 2015

Rob Holmes, Founder, The Gro Company

Top 10 Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

7 January 2015

Kresse Wesling, Elvis and Kresse

A Fire Hose Adventure

8 January 2015

Nick Sprague, Founder of Cobell Limted and CEO for Frobisher's & Parabottle

Serial Entrepreneurship (&Philanthropy)

8 January 2015

Tom Moore, Stephen Scown Solicitors

IP and Legal Matters

8 January 2015

Peter Stockman, Lloyd's Banking Group

New Venture Finance; Sources of Finance, Financial Statements, and What it Takes to Impress the Bank

8 January 2015

Jack Romero, International Entrepreneur

Flying High

9 January 2015

Nick Hungerford, Hungry Finance

New Ventures in the Finance Sector

9 January 2015

Peter Cox, Professor of Climate System Dynamics, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Scuiences, University of Exeter

Climate Change & Sustainable Futures

11 January 2015

Dr Catherine Butler, Research Fellow,  College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter

Climate Change Adaptation 

12 January 2015

Dr Duncan Russel, Senior Lecturer in the Politics of Climate Change and Sustainable Futures, College of Social Sciences and International Studies, University of Exeter

Regulatory Pressure and Competitive Dynamics

12 January 2015

Mike Jordan, Corporate Learning Consultant,  SAP Analytics

In-module support 15-16 January 2015

Matthew Gitsham, Director for Business and Sustainability, Ashridge Business School

Interpreting Business Advocacy for Sustainable Development 5 February 2015

Aoife O'Brien, Solution Principal for Sustainability, SAP Analytics

Hosting of field trip to SAP in Feltham, London 9 February 2015

Lucie Hartley, Chief Executive, EDP Drug & Alcohol Services

Social Entrepreneurship in a Charity Context 10 February 2015

Marc Zornes, Chief Executive, Winnow Solutions Limited

Squaring Capitalism with a Social Mission 10 February 2015

Ashley Dobbs, Founder, Awear Fashion

Textiles Innovation 17 February 2015

Mark Shayler, Founder, Green Ape (

Business Innovation 18 February 2015

Lucy Frankel, Communications Director, Vegware Limited

Building a Sustainable Business with Social Purpose 19 February 2015

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Netherton,  Operations Support, Devon and Cornwall Police

Risk Management 25 February 2015

Dr. Will Harvey, Director of Research and Senior Lecturer, Departments of Organisation Studies, University of Exeter Business School

Retaining Talent

26 February 2015

Dr. Vik Mohan, Associate at Edgecumbe Consulting Group

Blue Ventures Case Study

26 February 2015

Alison Hogan, Founder, Anchor Partnerships

Jennifer Board, Executive Coach and Change Consultant

Issues for Non-Executive Directors

12 March 2015

Detective Chief Inspector Samantha De Reya, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary 

Ethics and Professional Standards 13 March 2015

Professor Nick Ellis, Professor of Marketing Management, University of Durham Business School

Inter-firm relationships in the Australian mining sector between indigenous SMEs and Multinationals Companies 12-13 March 2015

David Sanchez, Schumacher College

Engaging with Nature: Biophilia Practices  12 May 2015

Megan Schuknecht, Biomimicry Institute

Life Principles 12 May 2015

Becky French, Marwood London

 Marwood 12 May 2015

Kevin Frediani, Head of Sustainable Land Use, Cornwall College Group

Growing People, Growing Places 14 May 2015

Dr Andrew Holborn, Historian, Independent Mountain Instructor and Associate Lecturer at the University of St Mark & St John

Innovations and Knowledge in the Wilds 19 - 22 May 2015

James McKilvray, CEO of Bridgelight, Associate at 100% Open and Entrepreneur

Knowledge-led Innovation in Practice 22 May 2015

Brad Wickens, Managing Director, Spinnaker Capital

Good business is better business 22 May 2015

Leyton Lark, Lark Consulting

 Sustainable Supply Chain Management 27 May 2015

Alan Kreisberg, Senior Vice President for Sustainable Development, Lafarge

Lafarge and Climate Change 22 Sept 2015

Louise Swift, Public Sales Director, Interface

Getting the Social in the Product 23 Sept 2015

Oliver Greenfield, Convenor, The Green Economy Coalition

Case study: The Green Economy Coalition 24 Sept 2015

John Lees, John Lees Associates

Planning for 21st Century Global Careers 2 Oct 2015

Simon Francis, CEO Flock Associates and formerly CEO EMEA Saatchi & Saatchi

What Marketing Transformations for a Disruptive World? 12 Oct 2015

Joanne Allden and Hannah Hemmingham, Workforce Science & Analytics Managing Consultants, Smarter Workforce, IBM

The Future of the Workplace 15-16 Oct 2015

Alastair Banks, CEO, Optix Solutions

 Digital Marketing 19 Oct 2015

Ryan Sheppard, Vice President Content Marketing, Thomson Reuters
Robin Jackson, Exeter Innovation Centre

Developing Thought Leadership 22 Oct 2015

Deborah Grace, Head of Financial Planning and Reporting, William Grant & Sons Brands Ltd

Accounting in the ever changing 21st century – a view from the front line 28 Oct 2015

Joe Franses, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Coca Cola

Ten Years of Sustainability Reporting: New Goals and New Directions or should we care about CSR 12 Nov 2015

Will Kernan, CEO, The White Company

MBA Corporate Challenge: Deepening Customer Engagement at The White Company 7-11 Dec 2015

Simon Mitchell, CEO and Founder, LinuxIT

Leadership Signature: the role of values in shaping decisions and behaviours  8 Dec 2015

Surrie Everett-Pascoe, Sustainability and Management Systems Manager, Canon

Leadership in Practice: Leading others and Personal Accountability 9 Dec 2015

Sandra Starkey, Owner, Leaders in Synergy, Bearing Change

Leadership in Practice: Leading others and Crucial Accountability 9 Dec 2015

Jake Backus, Coca Cola

Global Coca Cola Sustainability Overview

23 September 2014

Yuichiro Kamikawa, Coca Cola

Driving sustainability down the supply chain. Case study from a CCE (Bottler) perspective

23 September 2014

Matt Cooper, Founder, The Fableists

Profit with a Purpose

24 September 2014

Pip Frankish, Sustainability Manager for 3M Europe


25 September 2014

Francis Sullivan, Deputy Head of Global Corporate Sustainability and Adviser on the Environment, Regional Head of Corporate Sustainability Europe, HSBC Holdings plc

  26 September 2014

Steve Carter, Commercial Director, Frobishers Ltd

 Challenger Brands 29 September 2014

Alastair Banks, CEO, Optix Solutions

Digital Marketing

20 October 2014

Sabina Rademacher, Embercombe Community

Multi-cultural Team Work

23 October 2014