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Creating positive change, by Paul Polman, CEO Unilever

Guest speakers

Enhancing your learning through a programme of additional activities is an important part of the programme. The One Planet MBA includes:

Our speaker programme for this academic year is shown below. We regularly update our speaker programme throughout the year with new guest speakers and events so please revisit regularly for the latest information.


Michale Topham, Hines

Leadership Insights 6th March 2017

Jamie Cole, IBM

Internet of Things & Cognitive Computing 21st February 2017

Alastair Ross, Codexx

Responsible Innovation 9th February 2017

Tim Jones, Programme Director, Future Agenda Project

Working at the innovation frontier 8th February 2017

Jack Romero, International Entrepreneur

Flying High 13th January 2017

Sue Riddlestone, BioRegional

An Entrepreneur's Story 13th January 2017

David Hoare, Retail Director, Hall & Woodhouse

New Concept Development 12th January 2017

Kresse Wesling, Elvis & Kresse

A Fire Hose Adventure 12th January 2017

Oliver Blackwell, Chartered Industrial Designer

Creativity and Innovation 11th January 2017

Gabriel Wondrausch, Sungift Solar Ltd.

A Rising Adventure 11th January 2017

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever

Breakfast with Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever 17th December 2016

Ken Webster, Head of Innovation, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Keynote Speaker at the One Planet MBA 5th Anniversary Celebration 16th December 2016

Gavin Warner, Director Sustainable Business Unilever

The One Planet MBA Corporate Challenge: "Driving a shift towards a more circular economy" 12th-16th December 2016

Richard Eckley, Senior Investment Analyst, Crowd Cube

The Future of FinTech 9 December 2016

Andrew North, Engagement Manager, Co-op UK

Co-ops: Past, Present and Future 8 December 2016

Trevor Worth, OPMBA Alumnus, Portcullis Legal

Business Model Innovation 7 December 2016

Kate Few-Singh, Director of Income Generation, Hospiscare

Assignment Partner 6 December 2016

Erinch Sahan, Acting Head Private Sector Team, Campaigns & Policy, Oxfam GB

Assignment Partner 6 December 2016

Ciara Eastell, CEO Libraries Unlimited

Steve Turner, Head of Commercial & Innovation Libraries Unlimited

Business Doing Well and Doing Good 6 December 2016

Georgie Morris, BLAB

Business Doing Well and Doing Good 6 December 2016

Alexandra Florea, Marks & Spencer

M&S - Translating Value to the Customer 6 December 2016

Ryan Sheppard, Vice President, Content Strategy, Production and Promotion, Thomson Reuters

  28 November 2016

Mike Bernard, Head, Portfolio Marketing, IBM Europe

What Makes a Good Leader? 14 November 2016

Alistair Banks, Director, Optix Solutions

Social Media Marketing 21 October 2016

Emmanuel Lulin, Senior VP and Chief Ethics Office, L'Oreal Paris 

How Ethics Shapes the Way L'Oreal does business 20 October 2016

Tony Roxburgh, Economics Advisor, WWF UK 

Global Challenges: Risks to Business 20 September 2016

Prof Stephan Harrison, Climate Risk,

Climate Cgange Risk Management 20 September 2016

Athena Peppes, Economist, Accenture

Global Economic Cgallenges 20 September 2016

Dr Martin Rosbson, Lecturer in Strategic Studies, Strategy & Security Institute, University of Exeter

Global Challenges Geo Political 20 September 2016

Robin Gaddum, Associate Partner Resilience, IBM

Technological Risk 21 September 2016

Erinch Sahan, Acting Head Private Sector Team, Campaigns & Policy, Oxfam GB

Global Societal Challenges, a view from Oxfam 21 September 2016

Dan Morey, Innovation Manager, Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade and Innovation 21 September 2016

Chris Hewitt, Head of Climate Service Development, MET office

Climate Resilience 21 September 2016

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