Xingyu Sun

MSc Finance and Management

Xingyu is passionate about finance but wanted to extend her knowledge into other areas of business so the MSc Finance and Management was the perfect choice.

“My main reason for choosing to study at the University of Exeter Business School was its growing reputation and global rankings. One of my undergraduate tutors also did his PhD at Exeter, which encouraged me to come here. On top of that, the excellent facilities and lovely campus made Exeter stand out over several other UK universities.

The Business School offers such a wide range of postgraduate programmes, particularly for me the possibility to study a combination of finance and management was a big draw. I love finance, but I also wanted to gain knowledge of management and marketing. This program offers me the chance to study modules such as Financial Management as well as Marketing Strategy and International Business. So instead of only dealing with data, I am pushed to think about real world problems through case studies and group work. I believe this is really helpful for future career experience.

I find both study and daily life here really enjoyable. The campus is really beautiful and students organise all sorts of activities that are easy for anyone to join in with. Personally, I have registered for the Exeter Award, which helps students to develop inter-personal and career-related skills. In terms of the facilities, I am really grateful that our library opens 24 hours a day. This allows me to access much-needed study materials at any time.

Business School staff are all really helpful, particularly my tutor Dr Tharyan Rajesh, who teaches me Financial Instruments, and my lecturer Dr Sotiris Lalaounis, who teaches my Marketing Strategy seminars. Dr Rajesh teaches finance with a clear structure and great patience. He explains new things in a way that students can easily understand. Dr Sotiris is so experienced in the marketing field, always full of ideas, and happy to help. In class, he interacts with students a lot, which I really like because it’s an efficient and fun way to learn and actually remember the material as well.

The support available to students is probably one of the best things about studying here. With all the available support for study-related matters, daily life and wellbeing, I don’t need to worry about anything. This allows me to make full use of my year here to study, enjoy myself and prepare for my career.

After graduating, I plan to work for some different firms for a few years to gain experience, before eventually becoming a business growth strategy consultant. I studied Business and Economics during my undergraduate degree and so taking a Masters degree in Finance and Management here is helping me to expand my knowledge to more aspects of business, which will be invaluable for my future career.”