MSc Management

I studied my undergraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Exeter and I decided to stay to study my Masters as I knew that the quality of teaching at Exeter is fantastic and the lecturers are always so willing to share their knowledge and specialism.

I also think there is a lifestyle that you get when studying at Exeter that you don’t get anywhere else. For example, there is a tremendous sense of community and so many fantastic opportunities on offer to you in regards to your studies and extra-curriculum activities.

As well as knowing that the teaching quality was second to none, I particularly liked how Exeter’s MSc Management programme felt very cutting-edge and innovative. The programme is all about how business can be done and not how it has been done and this future outlook that the course has was very appealing to me.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for our lecturers especially as I know this year has been particularly difficult for them due to the covid pandemic. I like how they appreciate that the course is difficult but they’ve been there every step of the way. We only have to send an email with any worries or concerns and you have their full support which I’m grateful for. They also have lots of enthusiasm for their subject and the quality of teaching is amazing. There’s lots of helpful resources available and they make it easy for us to understand what we are supposed to do and how we can achieve the best we can.

I think MSc Management is a difficult programme but that makes it really rewarding. I feel like I’ve been pushed and stretched which I’ve really enjoyed. We get to learn aspects of business from accountancy through to innovation management which are all quite vastly different so you can try your hand and everything and find completely new skillsets. I’ve even discovered I can do accountancy despite not having done maths since GCSE.

One thing that I wasn’t expecting from the programme is the focus on careers which has been very beneficial. The Careers Management Module has helped me learn a lot about myself, particularly what my motivations are and where I want to go with the course in the future. We’ve also been really encouraged to build our network and view lecturers and peers as people you can connect with. We’ve also had alumni coming in giving guest lectures and we’ve been encouraged to talk to them; hearing their stories is really helpful and puts into perspective why you’re doing the masters.

My favourite thing so far about the programme is the critical thinking aspect of it. We get to creatively approach how business can be done and it’s very much about your independent perspective and crafting a professional identity as well as an academic one. We are also really encouraged to learn from each other and not just from a textbook or lecturers which I’ve loved.

I love how the programme is completely pragmatic the whole way through and there’s always a purpose to what you’re doing.

I love Exeter as a city and fully intend to stay after graduating. It’s a fabulous city with lots of culture, beautiful greenery and architecture. For me it is the perfect blend of city life but also feels very safe and very homely.

The facilities on campus are state-of-the-art and when you go onto campus you can tell a lot of investment has gone into it. This makes you feels valued as a student as you know the best facilities are being created to help you be the best you can be.

I’ve applied to study a PhD at Exeter’s Business School after I graduate from my Masters. I want to stay and study as I know the research is so cutting edge and I also love the sense of community and want to remain a part of and contribute to it.