“The University of Exeter Business School is definitely where you need to be if you want to understand the realities and practicalities of what goes on in the world of finance.”

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Samira Amadu Sorogho

MSc Finance and Investment

Samira particularly appreciates the international diversity of students at Exeter.

“I chose to come to the University of Exeter because it ranks among the top ten universities in the UK. I was also keen to take advantage of the opportunity to become a member of a professional body, the Chartered Institute for Security and Investment (CISI). There are a great many benefits to membership of the CISI, such as access to further training, conferences and networking events.

I enjoy the practicality of the modules on my Masters programme. Coming from Ghana, a lot of what I learnt at university was theory. On this course, everything is applied to the real world. Skills we learn are implemented – we have regular practice in Excel in our Financial Modelling module, for example.

I can now understand many interesting issues facing the current financial markets. For instance, the recent debt financing in the capital structure of most companies, this is largely occurring because interest rates are falling. In my country, we have a large balance of payment deficit, which is mainly because our imports are greater than our exports. This in turn has affected our currency.

After I graduate, I would like to build a career in the investments industry – in venture capital and private equity in particular. In Ghana, I did an internship at the Venture Capital Trust Fund, which is a government scheme helping young entrepreneurs whose ideas have potential for growth. I would love to take advantage of this programme myself after I graduate. My ultimate goal is to return to Ghana and set up my own private equity firm with investments in real estates. Investing in building and accommodation is currently very profitable in my country, so I would like to use the knowledge I have gained on my course to advise others on this.

My time at Exeter has been extremely insightful. I have learnt a lot and I’m still learning. I have met people from so many different cultures and backgrounds, which I would never have had the opportunity to do if I hadn’t come here to study. The whole experience has also improved my interpersonal skills and my ability to work in a team – and I’ve made some great friends that I will dearly miss.

In my opinion, the University of Exeter Business School is where you need to be if you want to understand the realities and practicalities of what goes on in the world of finance. It is an amazing place with a very conducive learning environment. It is also one of the best universities in Europe.”