Romrawin Thongsathitya

MSc Accounting and Finance

After studying and working in a number of different countries around the world, Romrawin’s academic journey has brought her to Exeter to study a Masters in Accounting and Finance.

“The University of Exeter Business School is an academic partner institution of ESB Business School in Germany, where I obtained my second Bachelors degree. That was how I found out about Exeter’s good reputation and opted to do a Masters at the Business School here immediately after my undergraduate studies in business, accounting and finance.

I applied for the World Class Business School Scholarship, and was fortunate to be awarded the funding to cover my full tuition fees. I think my international study and work experience put me in a good position, as I was born in Thailand, went to school and worked in Japan, and then studied and gained further industry experience in Germany.

The Business School provides a very good learning environment and study facilities, with up-to-date infrastructure, balanced study materials and proactive and helpful staff. Each student is assigned a professor as an academic tutor, which I think is an excellent model. I know that if I ever have a problem, I have someone to go to who can advise me on any academic or personal issues.

The course content manages to find just the right balance between the core theories we need to be aware of, and supporting content such as case studies to support our deeper understanding. Thanks to the many industry examples and practical projects built into the curriculum, I’ve been able to apply what I am learning to my real-life work experience. I also find the academics we work with very inspiring – many have worked at senior levels in industry and that motivates me to work harder and do as well as I can on the course.

After my degree, I am going to work as a financial statement analyst with Daimler Financial Services in Germany. I think my Masters from Exeter, coupled with my previous international experiences, helped me to secure the job – and with my deeper understanding of accounting, I am feeling confident about building my financial career.

I believe the decision to come to a business school should be taken after careful consideration, especially for your Masters degree. The requirements are much higher, both in terms of motivation and academic content. But despite all these challenges, a Masters at the University of Exeter Business School will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. I can thoroughly recommend it.”