Pablo Hutchinson

MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management

After studying his undergraduate degree at Exeter, Pablo was awarded the Broad Reach Scholarship, allowing him to study a Masters Degree in Financial Analysis and Fund Management.

“I decided to stay at Exeter after completing my undergraduate degree mainly because of the people. The friendly atmosphere you find here on a daily basis is what makes Exeter stand out for me. When my friends from home visit me, they all end up wishing they had come here!

I was very happy to be awarded the Broad Reach Scholarship, which covers the full fees for the Financial Analysis and Fund Management programme. Receiving the scholarship was essential in enabling me to study for a Masters degree and having now studied the MSc, I feel I am much better prepared for my future career.

The thing I enjoy most about my Masters course is the size of it. The number of students on my course is quite small, which means you can get to know everyone and you have the chance to meet people from all over the world with amazing life stories and experiences to share.

In terms of the teaching, our lectures are really easy to follow and are very thought-provoking. My favourite module so far has been Financial Modelling. Not only do we learn all the theory but we also get to implement the models on the computer. This also allows us to brush up on our Excel and other statistical programming skills.

I wouldn’t change the experiences I’ve had studying at the Business School for the world. An institution is only as good as its people and you won’t find a better bunch of individuals at any other university. Everyone you meet tries to make your university experience as amazing as possible.

The University is in an incredible location; Devon has so many hidden gems and studying here gives you the opportunity to find all these places and enjoy them as much as possible. Not many students in the UK can say that they can go to Salcombe for the day and enjoy lunch at the Winking Prawn!

After graduating, I plan to work in finance as that’s where my passion lies, but I am still undecided on my exact career path. I would also consider a PhD in the future after I’ve gained some work experience – and my Masters degree has been invaluable in setting up that possibility.

My advice to anyone else considering a Masters degree at the Business School would be to just do it! It will be one of the best years of your life. The Business School is a wonderful place that will act as a catalyst for your intellectual development. One thing is for sure - I will always be grateful to the University for providing me with these learning opportunities.”