"I have loved living on campus, it is such a beautiful setting, and anywhere you look you see modern buildings surrounded by natural beauty. Another great aspect of this being a campus University, is that you are surrounded by a buzzing student population who are all dedicated to their studies. Studying in the library is a great experience as you can see you are not alone in dealing with the pressure of studying and I found this a great motivator."

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MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management

Nazeema was awarded the prestigious Global Excellence Scholarship which made the option to study abroad possible. She chose her programme because it gave her the chance to work towards the CFA level I and II exams which she feels will greatly enhance her employability.

"I am originally from Lebanon, however I have spent most of my life in Kuwait where I completed my undergraduate studies at the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). I chose a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialisation in finance as I knew I wanted to pursue a career in finance. After graduation, I took an internship over the summer at Global Investment House to gain some practical experience before pursuing a Masters.

I chose to study at the Business School because the MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management programme was very different to many others I saw in the field of finance. As well as studying for my MSc I also had the opportunity to work towards Levels I and II of the CFA examinations. This means in the span of 12-months I will graduate with a degree, whilst being part way through a second qualification which I feel has greatly enhanced my employability.

The teaching at Exeter has been second to none, the lectures are challenging and encompassed all the knowledge I needed for a career in the financial industry. A module I particularly enjoyed was ‘Financial Modelling’ as this gave us the opportunity to create and analyse portfolios, providing a more practical understanding of what we were studying and how to create something we would be using day-to-day in a career. 

A highlight of the course has been the opportunity to partake in the Business School’s Ethics Challenge, which was sponsored by P1 Management, a local investment company, and judged by experts from the CFA institute and Business School academics. This was a great opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from my studies on ethics and analyse a case study. As part of the process I had to write a 1,500 word essay on my findings and then present my case to the panel of four judges. I am thrilled to have won the challenge, as this is something I can bring to interviews and it will enhance to my CV, in addition to my MSc.. The challenge is open to all finance students at the University and I would highly recommence you take part, it is a great experience.  

I was also very lucky to be awarded the Global Excellence Scholarship from the University in addition to a CFA exam scholarship which was a great achievement. The scholarship has been very helpful as it has not only taken an edge off financing a Masters, it has reassured me that I have worked hard to be here and that the grades I have achieved really mean something. I will always cherish making it here and being able to study abroad at an excellent establishment. I am also very grateful for the friends I have made, my programme has a smaller cohort and have become great friends, so we have been able to support one another throughout the year.

The Business School offers a lot of additional support and training opportunities, I particularly liked taking part in the programming workshops. This combined with earning my Master’s degree, will vastly improve my competitiveness. The Career Zone has provided me with a lot of support, from helping with my CV, to job searches and employability workshops. I was also accepted onto the Career Mentor Scheme, which will give me the opportunity to contact a professional who has real world knowledge of the work I would like to partake in and this will broaden my perspective and help guide me on how I approach my professional career.

Exeter is very different to my home town, it is quieter and has a peaceful feel to it, making it a great place to study for a Masters. While you have access to all the shops and restaurants you need just a short walk from campus, you also have the space from distractions to get on with your studies. Living in Kuwait is a lot hotter and you have to travel everywhere by car, so I have been enjoying the opportunity to walk outside more, it is a very safe, student-orientated city so I feel perfectly happy going out on my own. Exeter also has a very international feel with many supermarkets within walking distance to the University selling international foods, in particular the Best One International which is run by Turkish people and sells food from the Middle East. This is a great comfort as it feels like I have bought a piece of home with me.

Some advice I would give to prospective students considering this course would be that you need to be prepared to manage your time for personal study effectively. The work load is difficult as you also have to manage preparing for the CFA exams in addition to your studies. However I can assure you that the hard work will pay off!  Make sure you take advantage of all the additional training and educational opportunities that are available at the Business School. There is the opportunity to earn additional qualifications, database training, programming workshops and practical competitions like the ethics challenge which can help enhance your CV and better prepare you for interviews and your career."

Can you sum up your Exeter experience in four words?

Thankful to be here.