MSc Accounting and Finance

Li, originally from China chose to study at Exeter due to the green environment and safe atmosphere the city offers. She is studying MSc Accounting and Finance to broaden her financial knowledge and prospects of employment. She particularly likes the practical nature of the course and the high levels of support she has received.

Why did you pick Exeter over other Universities?

I chose to study at the University of Exeter as it ranks very highly in media rankings as well as the REF. I was especially impressed that the Business School had received double accreditation from EQUIS and AMBA and has AACSB Membership. In addition to this, the beautiful surroundings, safe environment and pleasant climate were also important reasons why I chose here.

What were you doing before you started your postgraduate studies at Exeter?

Before studying at Exeter, I completed my undergraduate degree in China, majoring in accounting.  During my undergraduate studies, I undertook several internships at accounting firms, and these experiences inspired me to do further study in this field.

Why did you pick this postgraduate course?

I chose to study MSc Accounting and Finance as the course content allowed me to fill in any gaps in my financial knowledge and as a result, more opportunity to choose from a broader range of employment prospects when I graduate.

How have you found the teaching, research, lecturers, course content?

The structure of the course is well designed, with a mix of lectures and practical exercises. In particular, some classes involve the application of data processing software which is an important skill to gain in this era of Big Data. After the first semester, I was able to proficiently manipulate Excel and STATA, and even write simple code, which will be very helpful for my future work.

How have you found the support services and the facilities?

The support services such as the Exeter Learning Environment (ELE) are very helpful, lecture slides and reading materials are uploaded to ELE before the class, so I can easily access material and prepare in advance. Even if I cannot make a lecture or need to refer back later, I can still watch a recording, which is useful during revision and assessment periods.

My biggest highlight of studying here is the commitment of the lecturers. They reply quickly to any emails and are very friendly. Recently I have also been participating in the oral and business writing classes provided by INTO which help me polish my English whilst I am studying.

What is it like studying here as an international student?

As an international student I found it easy to settle in. Before the first term started, the head of the programme organised a welcome talk to help us get to know others on our programme. There are also group assignments in modules which provide great opportunities to make new friends.

Students here are from a very diverse range of countries- I can often hear many different languages around the campus, and in The Business School. My top tips for international students thinking about studying in the UK are to actively participate in group work and to manage your time effectively.

Do you feel your postgraduate course will enhance your employability?

Yes, I feel the curriculum of the course will greatly enhance my employability. In addition to professional knowledge that the course provides, the training in software manipulations and the presentation and communication skills I am gaining are essential to succeeding in the workplace.

What do you think of the campus?

The infrastructure on campus is very good, especially the amount of study spaces. After class, I usually go to Amory or The Forum for self-study. There is a good atmosphere for studying and there are different functional areas set for students with different needs, such as quiet space, group study rooms, video rooms etc. The digital equipment is also very advanced and when conducting group discussions, we often have access to a projector. My favourite thing about the campus is the beautiful green environment and being able to get so close to cute wild animals.

How have you found the city and the surrounding area?

I really love Exeter. The local people are very friendly, even more so than other areas in the UK. For example, when I am crossing the road, vehicles stop and signal me to pass first.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering your course and Exeter Business School?

I would advise them to study MSc Accounting and Finance here if they want to pursue a position in assurance and consulting in the future. The course is very practical and the examples used in lectures and seminars are all based on the real life situations of companies.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

Since my first internship, I have been very enthusiastic about the audit and assurance industry. Therefore after graduation, I hope to pursue a career in auditing for one of the Big Four accounting firms. After finishing my course, I plan to move to Montreal, so I will take a gap year to prepare my qualification certificate and learn French at the same time.

Sum up your experience at Exeter in just four words:

Passion, challenge, flexible, cross-culture