"The students on the programme come from all over the world, giving you great international exposure, the connections I have made here will stay with me for a lifetime. Overall, the course has developed my personality and given me a new found confidence and the knowledge to perform and succeed in the business world."

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MSc International Management

Jeet chose to study the MSc International Management as he wants to take his family’s business global and wanted a Masters that had an international focus.

"Exeter came to my attention as somewhere to study for my masters because it is ranked amongst the top universities in the UK. Before coming to Exeter, I studied for my Undergraduate degree in Business Management Studies at the University of Mumbai. Whilst studying, I worked for my family textile business to gain some practical business knowledge. My goal was always to take my business knowledge to an international level so I looked into MSc programmes with an international focus.

I chose the MSc International Management programme as all the modules are future-orientated, providing a true insight into the future of the fast changing business world. My favourite module is ‘Future Trends for International Management’ as it is focused completely on how the business world is going to change in the coming years and how you can prepare yourself for the changes ahead.

What I liked about the course is the amount of optional modules you have to choose from, so you can choose where you want to specialise and pick what interests you. The way the course is assessed is also very varied, ranging from presentations, case studies and group projects as well as the more traditional examinations and reports.

There are a lot of student support services and resources available here that helped me throughout my course and the facilities offered here are very advanced and user friendly. All the lecture rooms are modern, the library is open 24 hours and the Forum and sports park are a great place to chill out in between lectures so you have everything you need on campus.

The Career Zone is another fantastic resource, they helped me in preparing my CV and to find a part-time job during the second term with HOME fundraising. I helped to raise money for different charities including Cancer Research and Marie Curie by organising a variety of campaigns across the South West of England. This has not only helped me develop contacts, it gave me a chance to gain some work experience and develop my communications and marketing skills.

One of the reasons I chose Exeter was because of its huge campus and the lush green environment. The city itself is relatively small but it’s calm and beautiful, making it the perfect base for my postgraduate studies. Everything is so accessible here making life very convenient and has made settling in easy. Coming from Mumbai which is a concrete jungle, it has been refreshing to live somewhere which is less crowded and has much lower pollution levels. My favourite place is the Quayside, there are a lot of fun activities I can do with my friends just a short walk from the centre including cycling, boating and kayaking along the river Exe.

As well as studying for my Masters I have joined a variety of societies. I have particularly enjoyed being part of the Asian Society, which organises lots of social events throughout the year including festivals like Dwali, Holi, Chinese New Year as well as many sporting events. Joining societies has given me an opportunity to make new friends from outside of my course and to really make the most of my time here.

I believe that my experiences at Exeter and the knowledge I have gained from the MSc International Management course have greatly improved my employability and have prepared me for a career anywhere in the world. My aim after graduation is to secure a job in one of the top consultancy firms in the UK such as PwC or to increase my knowledge on how multinational corporations function, grow and succeed. Longer term, I want to go back to Mumbai and re-join my family’s textile business and expand it to a global level.

My advice to students considering a Masters at Exeter would be, choose your modules carefully and make full use of the resources available to you to make sure you get the most out of your experience. Finally, always make sure you finish any reading before you go to a lecture so you are up to speed on all the topics and can contribute to the discussions, you will get much more out of it!"

Can you sum up your Exeter experience in four words?

Best time of (my) life.