MSc Finance and Investment

Chian chose the University of Exeter to help progress his career in Finance. He has enjoyed the practical experience he has gained from the programme and now feels more confident to start his internship with Citi in Shanghai.

Why did you pick Exeter over other Universities?

The reason I chose the University of Exeter for my Masters programme is because it is a target recruitment university for top investment banking firms. The courses are also very practical which provides you with the essential skills you need to enter the workforce.

What were you doing before you started your postgraduate studies at Exeter?

I was working as a trader in futures and options at a financial institute in Taiwan. My daily tasks included trading and risk management.

Why did you pick this postgraduate course?

Whilst researching for courses, I found that the MSc Finance and Investment course provided a comprehensive knowledge in Finance and additional support to help prepare for the CFA® examinations.

How have you found the teaching, research, lecturers, course content?

The portfolio management module has been one of the most valuable, it provided me with theoretical knowledge and practical examples to show us how to apply what we have learnt to the real world. We also have access to databases such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters which have been a great resource for my dissertation and research projects.

Do you feel your postgraduate course will enhance your employability?

Absolutely. The University of Exeter has not only enhanced my knowledge in finance it has built my confidence so I now feel ready to enter the workplace.

Have you used the Career Zone? How has it benefited you?

Yes I did and I found it very useful, they hold investment centre and interview tutoring on a weekly basis. I have also participated in the eXepert scheme where you are matched up to an alumni who acts as your mentor. I have received plenty of useful advice and tips from my mentor which has helped with my career planning.

Did you find it okay settling into Exeter / the UK?

Yes it was easy. The INTO centre on campus provides courses to aid with English language which was a great help.

Do you feel campus has an international feel? How does Exeter compare to where you are from originally?

The campus is definitely international, you are given lots of opportunities to mix with a variety of cultures which I wouldn’t have been able to find in Taiwan.

Are you a member of any societies, volunteering, or hold any part-time jobs?

I am a member of the Business and Finance Society which I joined up to at the start of my studies. I made lots of friends and sometimes alumni would come in to share their experiences with us.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering your course and Exeter Business School?

Have an open mind and you will make some great life-long friendships.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

I am going to Shanghai as I have been offered an investment banking internship with Citi. My day to day tasks will involve analysing potential investment business for listed companies such as IPO, as well as working on mergers and acquisitions. I would also like to take the CFA test after the internship.

Sum up your experience at Exeter in just four words:

Amazing programme, incredible experience.