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Personal Transformations

Module description

This module aims to kick start your personal transformation process and help you prepare for your career and personal development by integrating practice into the MBA curriculum, promoting critical reflective skills as well as leadership and executive and professional skills.

Internationalisation: All topics are explored in a global context to reflect the variety of countries and cultures in which you may wish to pursue your career.

Employability: You will develop a number of valuable transferable skills, including: self-awareness, cultural awareness, influencing, communication, networking (in person and via social media), negotiating, leadership, and the capacity for personal reflection on personal skills, competencies and experience. You will also develop a number of career management skills which will enable you to make informed career choices and help you succeed in securing your next job.

External Engagement: Workshops are delivered by a wide range of practitioners and recruiting managers

Research in Teaching: The module builds on recent research and scholarship in the field of Leadership, in particular Authentic Leadership Development and Situational Leadership Models.