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Business Models in Context

Module description

One of the educational aims of the One Planet MBA is to enable you to gain an understanding of the challenges facing businesses and managers in different contexts.  In particular, it is important that managers of the future understand and appreciate the emergence of business models shaped by different economic, political, social and ecological environments.  There are immense benefits to be achieved by taking you out of the UK context and studying for a short period in a different country. 

The learning will take place outside the UK, through formal lectures from Exeter faculty, local faculty and guest speakers, and through direct observation and experiential learning in local businesses and local urban and rural contexts. You will explore a major world challenge from a local perspective. This will help you and your fellow participants understand the challenge that presents to you and find creative ideas to solve it.

Internationalisation: This module will be taught in a country other than the UK, and therefore directly engages you with the study of practice in a different country context.

External Engagement: Lectures, seminars, visits to local businesses, social organisations and practitioners. 

Employability: You will deal with complex cross-cultural issues, undertake independent research and demonstrate self-direction and originality in tackling and solving problems. 

Sustainability: The content directly addresses issues of sustainability and innovative ways of doing business.