Pre-Sessional Finance Course

Taking the fear out of accounting and finance

In addition to our MBA Foundation programme to help you make the most of your MBA, we created an intensive pre-sessional Accounting & Finance course delivered over five consecutive days just before the first full module of your MBA. 

Specially designed for our MBA students with no specialist background in accounting, finance and economics, our pre-MBA crash course will introduce you to the language of those quantitative subjects and equip you with the skills that will enable you to address the Challenges our MBA corporate partners will assess you on throughout the year. It was created following participants' feedback in 2014.

This extended induction is optional, and to make it as affordable as possible it is heavily subsidised.

The cost for the full week of additional teaching is £500. To maximise learning opportunities places are strictly limited.

The course is well attended and attracts great feedback from participants. Due to popular demand we expect to run the course again in September 2018, just before the start of 2018/19 MBA programme.