Study outside the University of Exeter

Study outside the University of Exeter campus

The Exeter MBA is taught on-campus, but events and modules also take place at other UK and international locations. Engaging with businesses, business leaders and experts, both local and worldwide, is a fundamental part of our MBA programme.

International Modules at our Partner Business Schools

During the programme all participants will have the opportunity to take part in international study visits that revolve around new business models  and leadership development.  The selection will vary year on year.

Deepen Your Knowledge and Immerse Yourself

Both our full time and Executive students have the opportunity to study a variety of elective modules offered by our partner business schools in Europe. Examples of specialisation options available at these schools include:

  • Corporate Turnarounds and Sustainable Growth
  • Sustainable Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Sustainable Marketing of New Products and Services
  • Art Management and Creativity 
  • Finance & Risk Management
  • Business Intelligence & Global Marketing Analysis

Leadership Skills Expedition *New for 2018*

The module objectives centres on a Personalised Leadership Trajectory (where every student is unique), during the module participants will develop:

  • Awareness of your leadership challenges: Students start the module with a 360 assessment on the five main components (confidence, competence, compassion, courage and character) and start the trajectory with a clear plan on how you intend to develop each of these. Throughout the trajectory there are ample opportunities for peer feedback and personal coaching for you to hone in on those areas you want to work on.
  • Skill development to improve your leadership styles: Understanding your challenges, you and instructors go on to create natural outdoor challenges that you need to development most. These challenges are all related to your capacity to lead effectively inside and outside of the outdoor setting.
  • Build a strong leadership identity and corresponding narrative: Having understood, worked through your personal challenges and updated your leadership toolbox, the modules places strong emphasis on your existing strengths that you bring to the table. We see these strengths as the rough diamond (the unique, authentic way in which all of us have the capacity to lead) that this course intents to help sharpen (by polishing the rough, challenging edges). 

Managing Around the World: International Leadership RoundTables for Experienced Managers (Executive students only)

Every year Exec MBA participants join a group of international practicing managers and engage with real-life management issues by sharing, reflecting and taking action to understand and improve your business performance. Executives at leading international business schools come together to explore how things get done in a cross-cultural world and how to work more efficiently through networks and relationships. Including field visits to local companies, this event is enriching and interactive and will generate thought-provoking debate and networking opportunities.

For 2018 Roundables will take place in Copenhagen.  Previously, MBA participants travelled to Dublin in 2017, Montreal in May 2016, Yokohama in Japan in April 2015, Bogota in Colombia in April 2014, Stellenbosch in South Africa in 2013 and Slovenia in May 2012 to take part in this innovative programme. They were joined by MBA delegates from business schools in South Africa, Mexico, Bled, Japan and other locations worldwide.

The Roundtables session is allied to The Exeter MBA module ‘Managing Around the World’ and will enhance and extend your learning.

Field Trips in the UK

We connect on a regular basis with our wide range of Corporate Partners through our Exeter based modules and beyond.  Examples of recent and planned visits during the 2017/18 academic year:

MBAM909 Innovation – Students visited the Powderham Castle and completed module workshops on-location in historic surroundings.

MBAM940 Personal Transformations – Students visited Buckfast Abbey for a workshop 'Exploring the Rise of the Meaningful Economy' with Mark Drewell of Insight. 

MBAM912 The Entrepreneurial Mindset - As well as guest speakers on campus sharing their range of wealth and experience, students will visit 3 local innovative businesses around Exeter and Exeter Science Park.  For 2018 these are: Cobell Ltd, CGON, Milkalyser.

MBAM938 Leading in the 4th Industrial Revolution - incorporates a trip to IBM Research Centre in Hursely UK.



'Leading in a Global Context' London

Part of our MBAM940 Personal Transformations Module

This is an opportunity to spend time in a stimulating environment (Wellcome Collection) in the capital city, London. The focus of the two days is leading in a global context. The speakers and activities planned for the two days are focussed on developing a better understanding of the priorities, perspectives, challenges and opportunities of working in a global context – speakers come from arts, sport, not for profits, conservation and commercial ventures.
In this space we can ‘look’ at things from a variety of perspectives, thinking about how others see the world and how we as leaders must understand or at least be mindful of this multiplicity of perspectives.