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"I enrolled in The Exeter MBA to prepare myself for upcoming strategic roles in my career"


“I have worked in marketing for the past 10 years, so in order to sharpen my skills as an international business leader, I decided to study for an MBA.

I chose The Exeter MBA because of its focus on leadership, personal transformation, strategic and responsible innovation, and sustainability. I was also fortunate to receive a scholarship to study here.

I enrolled in The Exeter MBA to prepare myself for upcoming strategic roles in my career as I am currently working in a senior-mid level managerial position, but I feel ready to progress into a more strategic role like Marketing Director or Chief Marketing Officer.

I have utilised the University’s Career Mentor Scheme, where I have been connected to a highly successful mentor, which I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise. I have already learned so much from my three sessions with my mentor regarding relevant skills development, leadership tips, and career advice for UK and Europe. I also managed to secure a paid part-time internship as a Marketing Coordinator at South West Growth Service, a business consultancy based in Exeter. This has given me hands-on experience of working with people and management in the UK.

The strategic innovation and design thinking aspects of the MBA have been especially brilliant, and I found the Fourth Industrial Revolution module extremely enlightening.

Group work on The Exeter MBA has been invaluable at improving my presentation and communication skills, and it has been a great benefit studying alongside such a diverse cohort. It has made me more empathetic, working with people of different ages, cultures and languages, all sharing our experiences of business.

I’m enjoying continuously learning during my study at Exeter.”