Why we partner with the Exeter MBA

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Why we partner with the Exeter MBA (part 2)

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Programme involvement

To ensure curriculum design remains relevant to the needs of employers and society, and the programme is at the forefront of thinking and business practice, we engage with our partners on:

Consultancy projects & internships

A consultancy project is an ideal way to bring innovative business thinking to your organisation on a business problem you may be facing from our talented, experienced international professionals from a forward looking, cutting edge and accredited MBA.  A project also provides the opportunity to ‘road test’ a candidate’s suitability for employment within your organisation.

Talent development

Supporting your employees’ continuing education and skill development has a tremendously positive impact on company finances, human resource management, company culture and strategy.  Your organisation will be recognised for its emphasis on professional people development – a basic prerequisite for attracting and retaining the best people from the labour market.  Multicultural skills learned on this MBA create open-minded employees, able to work effectively in a global and culturally diverse world which has a positive impact on collaboration, culture and change issues within your organisation.

Access to top talent

Gain access to our high-calibre individuals who think about the world differently, can provide a fresh perspective on business challenges and add value through quality improvements and innovations.

Whether you are eager to recruit our talent into a full-time position, into a consulting project or a post-MBA internship, we can help you and your talent search.  Our suite of bespoke services include:

  • Advertising your vacancies throughout the year
  • Discussion of specific opportunities and hand-picked profiles for your consideration
  • Opportunities to pitch your consultancy projects each year
  • Direct access to our talent via our Global Talent Book

We know employers also value the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our candidates. We welcome your involvement in a range of engagement activities and to hearing your suggestions for other events you would like to see. Existing opportunities include:

  • Mock Interviews and Assessment Centres
  • Campus Presentations and Networking Events – an excellent way of showcasing your brand to this targeted audience
  • Employer Treks – our talent can come to you and will be able to develop a richer understanding of your culture and organisational ambitions

To contact our global talent or discuss how we can facilitate your talent search, please get in touch with:

Becky Kilsby MBA Career Consultant
+44 (0)1392 724483