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The Exeter MBA: Leading Business Education

The Exeter MBA builds on our track record of leading innovation in the MBA market. The Exeter MBA is built around the very key set of values that have defined our One Planet MBA and our elite, Russell Group Business School: purposeful leadership, innovation, technology, knowledge and practice. We place academic excellence and rigour at the heart of everything we do. Founded on these core values, the Exeter MBA will ensure you develop as a purposeful leader capable of leveraging innovation and technology to promote good business.

Professor David Bruce Allen
Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean

About The Exeter MBA

Building on the phenomenal success of the One Planet MBA, The Exeter MBA gives you space to think and grow - strategically and creatively.

Exeter understands that business success and sustainability go hand in hand. As we work with entrepreneurs, again and again we find a direct link between meeting customer needs and achieving positive environmental and social impacts. The best entrepreneurs take this a step further; they have a holistic and borderless view of business; they are motivated by the urgency of addressing big challenges and engage with the technologies and networks that make innovation possible.

Developing your skills and acquiring a solid foundation in core business disciplines – finance, economics, accounting, operations, HR and strategy – is fundamental to the programme. But you will go beyond this and gain the skills to develop business models fit for the 21st century and ignite and manage change in your organisation in a constantly evolving world.

 By joining The Exeter MBA you will benefit from

  • an academically rigorous and practical MBA education from a UK Top 10, Russell Group University
  • an MBA programme ranked among the best in the world (CEO Magazine, 2016)
  • co-delivered and supported by our partner FTSE 100 and other progressive organisations
  • to promote the application of your ‘fresh’ learning to real problems in a workplace environment with our partners
  • with a focus on profound personal and professional development to accelerate your career and/or explore new directions

A rigorous selection process based on application and interview enables us to recruit the optimal mix of participants to enrich your learning experience. Our marketing strategy enables us to specifically target professionals wishing to take part in an immersive and collaborative learning experience while seeking to address the global challenges of our time.

The programme attracts talented and creative professionals with a global mindset who aspire to develop themselves and advance their careers. By joining The Exeter MBA you will be joining a selected group of ambitious and collaborative professionals originating from all around the world and offering an exceptional range of business and management skills and a worldly outlook.

Full Time programme - average age: 32; average work experience (years): 9; nationalities: 17

Executive programme - average age: 38; average work experience (years): 17; nationalities: 6

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We work closely with a range of leading corporate partners to ensure The Exeter MBA remains at the forefront of thinking and practice.

By joining the The Exeter MBA you will

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the global economic, societal, environmental and technological challenges that are redefining business models and strategies and impacting on the role of the professional manager and aspiring business leader
  • Learn how emerging and innovative business models and enabling technologies impact on business, and how professional managers can exploit them to drive innovation and organisational growth
  • Enjoy an outstanding business and management education in a dedicated, highly supportive facility, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment
  • Acquire practical professional skills that will help you grow and build businesses, anything from start-ups to long-established organisations firms
  • Transform your future, explore new directions, learn and develop your own potential

Your catalyst for Change - for good

The programme is designed for professionals and aspiring leaders who wish to leverage their strengths, acquire cutting edge knowledge, update their skills and develop a worldly mindset to transform themselves and benefit from new opportunities.

Helping you change yourself

  • As you start your journey, you will take our 9 months long Personal Transformations module which we've designed to support your personal and professional development. You will start your MBA journey by articulating your values and objectives, then work with our MBA career coach and business mentor throughout the year to identify and benefit from new opportunities
  • Throughout the year we will help you connect and network with business professionals and senior leaders from our partner FTSE100 companies, SMEs, social enterprises and NGOs who contribute and/or co-deliver our MBA modules along with our MBA Faculty and attend the MBA's Speaker Series which will expose you to cutting edge business thinking.

Transform your future. Explore new directions. Learn and develop your own potential. Become the leader and the person that you truly want to be.

The Exeter MBA helps you gain a thorough understanding of how global economic, social, environmental and technological challenges are impacting on business and the workplace. It enables you to identify new ways of succeeding in a fast evolving world by designing innovative business thinking and solutions and creating new business models, for yourself and your organisation.

Helping you ignite change in business

  • through opportunities to practice your learning in the workplace environment during the MBA's Corporate Challenge at the end of Term 1, your Innovation project and practice-based assignments for client and contributing organisations - indeed, most MBA modules are assessed through corporate assignments and projects to maximise the impact of your learning
  • through your MBA Project by designing innovative business solutions to solving real life business problems for our partner organisations
  • through extra-curricular MBA events and activities, such as our Business Resilience speakers series designed to help you learn from the successes and failures of senior business leaders, but also while taking part in Exeter's startup weekends and Castle Demos events where you will have the opportunity to put your entrepreneurial mindset into practice and work collaboratively with your peers to create great business ideas and solutions

Transform your future. Explore new directions. Learn and develop your own potential. Become the leader and the person that you truly want to be.

Acquire practical professional skills, from start-ups to boardrooms.

By helping you to identify growth opportunities for your organisation and opportunities for innovation you will become a more effective manager and business leader. You can have a positive impact, on your organisation and on the world around you. 

Helping you make a positive impact

  • All of our MBA modules are experiential in nature - you will not only learn from our MBA faculty, corporate partners and your peers, but also from yourself as you develop and refine your own reflective skills while taking part in practical assignments and challenges. Each module will help you appreciate the impact you have on yourself, and those around you.
  • Throughout the year, you will be exposed to innovators, entrepreneurs, intra-preneurs and social entrepreneurs who put their mindset into practice. Disruptive technologies and business models have the potential to change the world for the better, and by working closely with them you too will contribute to making a positive impact.

Transform your future. Explore new directions. Learn and develop your own potential. Become the leader and the person that you truly want to be.