Orientation overview

'To Do' List


All international students who are in the UK on a student visa or student visitor visa MUST see the Admissions Office before they can register with the University. You must bring this original documentation:
- passport
- ID card (if applicable)
- evidence of your qualifications as listed on your CAS if you have a student visa (if applicable)


Collect your Unicard from the Forum after you have shown your documentation


Activate your IT account and Register online as a student with the University


Read the general new student information and attend the university welcome talks on Monday 18th September 2017


Erasmus Students - Go to the Business School module registration welcome talk on Tuesday 19th September 2017 10am - 12pm in Streatham Court D (Building 31 on the map)


International Exchange Students - Go to the Business School module registration welcome talk on Tuesday 19th September 2017 2pm - 4pm in Streatham Court D (Building 31 on the map)


You must register with the Police if it says so on your visa. You can do this on campus during Freshers' Week.


Please note this list is not exhaustive and may be different depending on your circumstances.

There will be checklists for you in your Welcome Pack too and you can ask the office for help at any stage.

If you have any questions please contact the International Development Team on business-school-exchanges@exeter.ac.uk