Sustainability and Circular Economy research cluster

'Other' theme

Our sustainability research explores many other topics, with new promising themes for investigation arising all the time, including sustainable tourism, innovative business models, systems change and SME development.

Selected publications

  • Coles, T.E., Zschiegner, A.-.K. and Dinan, C.R. 2014. A cluster analysis of climate change mitigation behaviours among SMTEs. Tourism Geographies, 16(3), 382-399.
  • Coles, T.E., Dinan, C.R. and Warren, N. 2016. Energy practices among small- and medium-sized tourism enterprises: a case of misdirected effort? Journal of Cleaner Production. Volume 111, Part B, 16 January 2016, Pages 399–408.
  • Shaw, G., Bailey, A.R., Williams, A. 2011. Aspects of service-dominant logic and its implications for tourism management: Examples from the hotel industry Tourism Management, 32(2) 207-214.
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