Sustainability and Circular Economy research cluster

'Circular Economy' theme

The concept of the circular economy is fast gaining traction among policymakers, businesses and NGOs as a desirable alternative to the linear economy of make-use-dispose, where maximum value is extracted from resources whilst in use, and products and materials are recovered and regenerated at the end of life.

Not cradle-to-grave but cradle-to-cradle. But is this radical, system-changing model achievable? If so, what could be the benefits—and the unintended consequences? How accessible are circular business models for small, medium and micro-enterprises? Will non-quantifiable values in the natural environment be protected from this anthropocentric idea? How do labour conditions, social justice and biodiversity fit in? And how does the notion of circular economy differ, if at all, from sustainability? These are among many questions our academics are now exploring in their teaching and research.

Selected publications

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