Organisations in Transition research cluster

'Simulation, Analytics and Modelling' theme

The Simulation, Analytics and Modelling theme investigates how innovative technologies can be embraced to provide intellectual insights and intelligence into organisational systems.

This includes simulation methodologies such as discrete event, agent, and hybrid simulation approaches, particularly in the healthcare and offshore wind contexts.

The use of bibliometric and metadata analyses together with patent analyses, using advanced data mining techniques form a particular interest.

A focus on predictive analytics, particularly text analytics, to inform visitor experience in tourism contexts, patient experience in healthcare contexts, and the analysis of non-quantitative disclosures is growing apace within the group.

The utilisation of techniques to examine cross-category household buying is also of interest.

In addition to analytical methods the group also uses serious games to engage user communities and to transfer core principles of design innovation.

Selected publications

  • Powell JH and Mustaffee N (2016) Widening requirements capture with soft methods: an investigation of hybrid M+S studies in health care (J Op’l Res Soc) in press
  • Freeman, R., & Yearworth, M. (in press). Climate change and cities: problem structuring methods and critical perspectives on low-carbon districts. Energy Research & Social Science.