Organisations in Transition research cluster

'Service Systems' theme

Analysis, design and improvement of service systems includes research on innovative business models in a range of contexts.

The value proposition component of a business model is informed by: research on customer value, grounded in Service Dominant Logic; customer experience research; buying behaviour and patterns of consumption. The value creation component is informed by: research into modular design; ecosystem relationships – particularly specialist IT suppliers.

The team is also interested in how innovative technologies, such as augmented reality and the 'internet of things', contribute to business model innovation.

The value capture component is informed by research on monetisation strategies (particularly in digital contexts) and social value.

The synergies between design management, marketing and the creative industries, together with approaches for servitization are particular interests within the team.

Selected publications

  • Enrico Contiero, Frederic Ponsignon, Philip Andrew Smart, Andrea Vinelli, (2016) "Contingencies and characteristics of service recovery system design: Insights from retail banking", International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Vol. 36 Iss: 11, pp.1644 - 1667
  • Powell JH, Mustafee N and Chen, (2016) A System-focused risk identification and assessment for disaster preparedness: Dynamic threat analysis. European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 254, Issue 2, 16 October 2016, pp 550-564