Research visit to Tampere University of Technology (TUT)

The research cluster’s relationship with TUT took a step forward in September with a collaborative workshop held at TUT’s campus near Tampere in Finland. Nav Mustafee and Stuart Robinson joined researchers from TUT to share research agendas and agree ideas for future collaboration. They were hosted by Dr Heli Aramo-Immonen, known to us through her work with ISR in the past, who had presented to the OiT cluster earlier this year.

TUT is part of the ‘DEEVA’ project which has just secured over €800k of funding from TEKES, the Finnish research council. This project aims to look at how combinations of data sources can create value in networks of organisations and people. Under its Simulation, Analytics and Modelling theme, the OiT cluster has an opportunity to contribute to DEEVA and collaborate on publication.

Nav and Stuart shared examples of the cluster’s activities in these areas and discussed how it could relate to work that is ongoing at TUT. They also presented their current personal research projects to the TUT researchers. Looking to the future, it was agreed that the OiT cluster can collaborate with TUT and others on a joint Horizon 2020 bid for work that builds on DEEVA. We will jointly examine upcoming H2020 calls over the coming weeks to identify specific opportunities. Please direct any questions about this to Nav Mustafee or Stuart Robinson.