Modelling the operations of offshore wind turbines: Development of a pedagogical tool for decision making and a hybrid-distributed DES and ABS model of MRO activates

Principal applicant: Dr Navonil Mustafee

Co-applicant: Prof Andi Smart

Approximate start date: 15th May 2016

Approximate finish date: 31st July 2017

Total amount requested: £ 3,070

Overview and benefits

The proposal follows from our recently concluded project INTERREG Mer-Innovate, and our proposal is mainly on carrying out further research identified during the project.  We have planned for two specific pieces of work:

  1. Further development of an Excel-based tool for decision making to include, outlining game-playing scenarios, underlying mathematical formulations, coding, game evaluation and finally journal write-up. With a focus on international research, as also to reduce the time required for implementation and evaluation, we propose to undertake this activity together with our original INTERREG partners (CESI, France) and the International Hellenic University (Greece).
  2. Development of a hybrid simulation which couples two existing models (ABS and DES, developed respectively by CESI and Exeter) and uses the IEEE1516 High Level architecture. We have the necessary resources for distributed experimentation (Nav recently acquired a second computer for his office). The proposal and timeline also covers the write-up and final submission of this work to a quality journal.

Collaborators: IHU: Dr. Korina Katsaliaki; CESI: Dr. M’hammed Sahnoun