Knowledge Intensive Start-ups & Knowledge Intensive Open Innovation

Principal applicant: Allen Alexander

Co-applicant(s): Laura Smith, John Bessant, Bill Russell, Danielle Wynne, Natalie Rees

Approximate start date: 11th March 2016

Approximate finish date: 19th March 2016

Total amount requested: £ 2,500

Overview and benefits

This internationalisation-focussed visit brings together a number of opportunities to promote the new Organisations In Transition research cluster to a diverse audience; it also provides the opportunity for two of the cluster members to visit Boston’s “Knowledge Intensive High-Tech Start-Up Hubs” and enables direct support for one of the established OIT corporate partners – Hydro International Ltd (who are contributing £75k of research income to the cluster in 2015/16 & 16/17, which in turn is levering a further £75k of government funding and creating employment for one new cluster member – Danielle Wynne.

The visit starts with a short presentation of the research cluster to the International Society for Professional Innovation Management – Development and Advisory Board in Boston, USA on Saturday 12th March, followed by a networking event where the cluster will be personally promoted to delegates at the ISPIM Innovation Forum – Charting the Future of Innovation Management from the 13th to the 16th March. Danielle Wynne will be able to attend the forum and accompany the lead academic on a number of select visits to see the Boston Business Start-up clusters relating to Big Data & Internet of Things, Clean Tech, Creative Economy, Entrepreneurship, Financial Services and Healthcare.

The visit finishes by directly supporting Hydro International Ltd by running a one day Master Class on Innovation at their Offices in Portland, Maine.  This is a vital training opportunity for Danielle Wynne.