Organisations in Transition research cluster

'Innovation and Entrepreneurship' theme

Innovation and Entrepreneurship focuses on Innovation Management Capability. Particularly how innovation is embedded in organisational practice and how innovation capabilities dynamically change given competitive challenges.

This includes understanding environmental effects such as tax incentives, regulation, management accounting practices, and the role of corporate venture capital. Open and user-led innovation, associated with probe and learn strategies, together with insights from collaboration and cooperation form a core interest. The role of emerging technologies, their diffusion and commercialisation, and their ability to disrupt established markets are also of interest.

This includes ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ and humanitarian contexts as well as large corporate and SME focussed innovation.

Leadership for sustainable business practice, the evaluation of continuity and change, the politicization of change, and perspectives on social and ecological sustainability provide distinctive insights into innovation practice.

In addition to these insights the team embrace issues on the teaching and coaching of innovation.