Collaborative research project with the Business School at the University of Gothenburg investigating the impact of social networks on firm performance and sustainability: both for private and public entities

Principal applicant: Prof Mari Paananen

Co-applicant(s): Prof Joanne Horton

Approximate start date: July 2016

Approximate finish date: December 2017

Total amount requested: £ 3,610

Overview and benefits

Overall, the aim of the project focuses on changes in management capabilities through social networks. Specifically we will be focusing on how innovation is generated through these social networks and help firms change given their competitive landscape.

Through the collaborative project we have been able to obtain proprietary data on ‘club’ membership for all company directors and their audit partners. This therefore provides a unique opportunity to ascertain whether being members of these clubs enhances their performance through innovation and whether the gatekeepers are able to reduce any associated agency costs.

Obviously through the course of this project we hope to facilitate cross-fertilisation of ideas between the OiT cluster and academics at Gothenburg. In addition we have also created a mini cluster across other institutions e.g. London Business School, Harvard Business School, Isenberg School of Management University of Massachusetts Amherst. Further collaborations are expected given the uniqueness of the dataset. 

Please note the amount requested is to cover expenses, inter alia, for Prof Mari Paananen to travel and stay in Gothenburg (as Prof Joanne Horton already has expenses covered due to the Visiting Position she holds at Gothenburg).