DEEVA (Data, Experiences, Ecosystems and Value Co-creation)

Principal applicant: Stuart Robinson

Co-applicants: Nav Mustafee, Andi Smart

Approximate start date: 1st August 2016

Approximate finish date: 30th September 2016

Total amount requested: £ 3,186

Overview and benefits

DEEVA is a three year project in which Exeter has the opportunity to collaborate with  four Finnish Universities: Tampere University of Technology, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Turku University of Applied Sciences and the University of Tampere.

The project addresses these research questions:

  • How to improve companies´ knowledge management and decision-making processes through novel data analysis practices?
  • How to develop companies’ relationship management and value co-creation practices?

The benefits for Exeter in general and the research cluster specifically would be:

  1. Co-writing based on the empirical data gathered in DEEVA
  2. Research visit period in Finland: Short visit travel and accommodation costs covered by the project; For a longer working period in Finland, it is possible also to hire and pay salary costs based on the Finnish university level salaries (no accommodation costs, however they are low in Finland). Note: some funds from our cluster may be earmarked for collaboration.
  3. Research visit from Finnish Universities to our cluster.
  4. Co-learning through joint ”skill-workshops” to be held in Exeter/Finnish universities.
  5. Work towards the development of a Horizon2020 bid.