Cluster visit by Dr Mehdi Amiri-Aref

It was a great pleasure for me to be at Exeter Business School for a one-week research visit funded by the ‘Organisations in Transition’ research cluster. I met Prof Smart at Kedge Business School, campus of Bordeaux, when he had been invited, as a visiting professor, by Prof Frederic Ponsignon. During my stay in Exeter, fundamental aspects of new multidisciplinary research topics in Disaster Management and Service Capacity were discussed with the research team (Dr Navonil Mustafee, Prof Andi Smart, and Dr Laura Phillips) who were very welcoming and friendly people.

The discussions with faculty members raised several interesting scientific issues and fostered a number of new ideas to be developed. I found my time discussing different topics to be extremely beneficial. We developed and agreed research work plans, which bring clear benefits to both Kedge Business School and Exeter Business School. 

From my experience, it is very important for a young researcher to build a strong research network at the beginning stage of his/her career and to maintain the collaboration with the host university. I would recommend that young researchers, who are interested in visiting another university, should choose a clear problem definition to share. This provides original and novel viewpoints to be obtained and also provides feedback to improve your research study.

Assistant Professor,
KEDGE Business School,
Campus of Bordeaux