2nd SWUFE-UoE Joint Research Workshop

Wednesday April 26, 2017, University of Exeter Business School

8.45 Registration and welcome
9.15-10.45 Session I – Corporate governance and corporate finance
10.45-11.15 Coffee break
11.15-12.45 Session II – Firm policies and decisions
12.45- 14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.30 Session III – Government policies and markets
15.30-15.45 Coffee break
15.45-17.15 Parallel Session (Firm policies and decisions; Asset Pricing)
17.15-17.30 “Hedge Funds in China” - Xiang Zhang (SWUFE)
17.30-17.45 Concluding remarks
17.45-18.30 Drinks reception
18.30  Conference dinner at Bovey Castle

Venue: University of Exeter Business School – Building One
Sessions in Kolade Teaching Room and Marchant Syndicate Room A
Breaks and lunch in Pearson Teaching Room

Organizing Committee:
Giovanna Michelon, Grzegorz Trojanowski, Rajesh Tharyan (University of Exeter)
Xiang Zhang (South Western University of Finance and Economics)

Scientific Program

Session I: 9.15 – 10.45

Kolade Teaching Room: Parallel session – Corporate governance & corporate finance
Chair: Fani Kalogirou

Effectiveness of monitoring, managerial entrenchment and corporate cash holdings
Panagiotis Couzoff
Discussion lead: Zhoujie Weng

Relationship lending, market structure, and mission drift in small loan companies: a theoretical model and evidence from China
Zhoujie Weng
Discussion lead: Panagiotis Couzoff

Corporate governance and pension de-risking strategies: evidence from the UK
Zezeng Li
Discussion lead: Giovanna Michelon

Session II: 11.15 – 12.45

Kolade Teaching Room: Parallel session – Firms policies and decisions
Chair: Panagiotis Couzoff

How do firms weather increasing legal risk: some new evidence
Min Park
Discussion lead: Giovanna Michelon

Paying cash? The effect of top management team’s international experience and national diversity on payment mode in cross-border acquisitions
Rajesh Tharyan
Discussion lead: Min Park

Innovation efficiency and Local Government in China
Xiang Li
Discussion lead:Abhay Abhyankar

Session III: 14.00-15.30

Kolade Teaching Room: Parallel session - Government policies and markets
Chair: Zhoujie Weng

Comparing Empirical Factor Models: What can Tests for Model Misspecification Tell Us?
Xiang Zhang
Discussion lead: Linquan Chen

Does a decline in the tick size affect momentum profits? Evidence from the American stock exchange
Ozkan Haykir
Discussion lead: Xiang Zhang

China’s exchange rate policy and FX premiums
Zhengran Mao
Discussion lead: Rajesh Tharyan

Parallel Session: 15.45-17.30

Kolade Teaching Room: Parallel session – Firm policies and decisions
Chair: Grzegorz Trojanowski

Going-concern opinions are not bad news: evidence from industry rivals
Luis Serra Coelho
Discussion lead: Fani Kalogirou

Accounting Transparency, pension deficit and corporate financial policy
Fani Kalogirou
Discussion lead: Zezeng Li

Corporate social responsibility and corporate financial fraud
Lin Liao
Discussion lead: Giovanna Michelon

Marchant Syndicate Room A: Parallel session - Asset pricing
Chair: Abhay Abhyankar

Investment value of Chinese commodity futures: Research based on different degrees of financialization
Xiang Zhang
Discussion lead: Ozkan Haykir

Shorting on toxic arbitrage
Linquan Chen
Discussion lead: Xiang Zhang

List of participants  

First name Last name Affiliation E-mail
Abhay Abhyankar University of Exeter A.Abhyankar@exeter.ac.uk
Ali Akaak University of Exeter A.Akaak@exeter.ac.uk
Bing Chao University of Exeter B.Chao@exeter.ac.uk
Vikas Chaudhary University of Exeter V.Chaudhary@exeter.ac.uk
Linquan Chen University of Exeter L.Chen2@exeter.ac.uk
Panos Couzoff University of Exeter P.Couzoff@exeter.ac.uk
Lora Dimitrova University of Exeter L.Dimitrova@exeter.ac.uk
Ozkan Haykir University of Exeter oh243@exeter.ac.uk
Fani Kalogirou University of Exeter F.Kalogirou@exeter.ac.uk
Xiang Li SWUFE 865985293@qq.com
Jinlin Li University of Exeter J.Li3@exeter.ac.uk
Xiaoyu Li University of Exeter xl256@exeter.ac.uk
Lin Liao SWUFE liaolin@swufe.edu.cn
Gilad Livne University of Exeter G.Livne@exeter.ac.uk
Zhengran Mao SWUFE maozhengran@qq.com
Giovanna Michelon University of Exeter G.Michelon@exeter.ac.uk
Min Park University of Exeter M.Park@exeter.ac.uk
Luis Serra Coelho University of the Algarve lcoelho@ualg.pt
Rajesh Tharyan University of Exeter R.Tharyan@exeter.ac.uk
Hannes Titeca University of Exeter H.Titeca@exeter.ac.uk
Grzegorz Trojanowski University of Exeter G.Trojanowski@exeter.ac.uk
Haytem Troug University of Exeter H.Troug@exeter.ac.uk
Hung (Tony) Vu University of Exeter htv201@exeter.ac.uk
Mengyu Wang University of Exeter mw547@exeter.ac.uk
Zhoujie Weng SWUFE wzj@swufe.edu.cn
Zezeng (Leo) Li University of Exeter zl280@exeter.ac.uk
Xiang Zhang SWUFE xiangzhang@swufe.edu.cn