Firms, Markets and Value research cluster

'Reporting & Disclosure' theme

Reporting & Disclosure research encompasses a broad range of issues dealing with the role of corporate reporting for shareholders, investors and stakeholder in general. We study the capital market effects of accounting standards and financial reporting. We are interested in exploring the use of voluntary financial disclosure, social and environmental information and, in general, disclosure narratives in the corporate communication strategies. 

Research covers the following areas:

  • Accounting standards
  • Financial reporting quality and earnings management
  • Pension accounting
  • Voluntary disclosure (non-GAAP reporting, non-financial information, etc.)
  • Textual analysis and impression management

Selected Publications

  • Bamber, M. and McMeeking, K. Forthcoming. An examination of international accounting standard-setting due process and the implications for legitimacy. British Accounting Review.
  • Black, E. Christensen, T., Kiosse, P.V. and Steffen, T. Forthcoming Has the regulation of non-GAAP disclosures influenced managers’ use of aggressive earnings exclusions?, Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance.
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Working papers

  • Arena C., Liong, R., Michelon, G. and Vourvachis, P. 2016. Carrot or stick: CSR disclosures by South East Asian companies
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