Firms, Markets and Value research cluster

'Markets, Pricing & Valuation' theme

Research covers the following areas:

  • Theory and empirics of asset pricing
  • Drivers of stock price movements
  • Cost of capital
  • Trading and financial instruments
  • Ambiguity, risk management and bankruptcy predictions
  • Macroeconomics and macro-finance
  • Auctions
  • Firm valuation and value relevance of financial information.

Selected publications

  • Kaplan, T. and S. Zamir. 2014. Advances in Auctions. in Handbook of Game Theory, Volume 4.
  • Kaplan, T. and S. Zamir. 2015. Multiple equilibria in asymmetric first-price auctions. Economic Theory Bulletin, 3 (1) April, 65-77.
  • Wang P. and W. Huang. 2015. The Implied Growth Rates and Country Risk Premium: Evidence from Chinese Stock Markets. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 45(3), 641-663.

Working papers

  • Abhyankar, A. and Garcia-Ares, P.  2016. Return decompositions and predictive regressions: what role does aggregation play?
  • Abhyankar, A., Tharyan R. and X. Zhang. 2016. Macroeconomic fundamentals, expected returns and the pricing of anomaly portfolios.
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  • Filippou, I. and Garcia-Ares, P. 2016. Value, momentum and market timing.
  • Filippou, I., Garcia-Ares, P. and Zapatero, F. 2016. Substitution effects and lottery demand.
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