Firms, Markets and Value research cluster

'Financial Institutions & Intermediation' theme

Within Financial Institutions & Intermediation, our focus is on research questions that relate to the role of financial intermediaries in financial markets. We study transactions, in which capital is raised to create and develop businesses, the dynamics and consequences of the financial crisis and the role of information intermediaries in the functioning of capital markets.

Research covers the following areas:

  • Banking and credit ratings
  • Hedge and mutual funds
  • Financing decisions (venture capital, crowd funding, business angels, etc.)
  • The financial crisis
  • The role of financial analysts in the market

Selected publications

  • Chakravarty, S., Fonseca, M. and Kaplan, T. 2014. An Experiment on the Causes of Bank Run Contagions. European Economic Review, 72, 29-51.

Working papers

  • Dimitrova, L. 2015. Strategic Acquisitions by Corporate Venture Capital Investors
  • Dimitrova, L. 2015. Perverse Incentives of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, the "Poor Man's Private Equity Funds"
  • Gyoshev, S., T. Kaplan, S. Szewczyk, and Tsetsekos, G. 2016. Why Do Financial Intermediaries Buy Put Options from Companies?
  • LeRoy, S., and Singhania, R. 2015.Deposit Insurance and the Coexistence of Commercial and Shadow Banks
  • Neira, J. 2015. Bankruptcy and Cross-Country Differences in Productivity