Business, Institutions and Policy research cluster members

Business, Institutions and Policy


Professor Will Harvey

Member RoleDiscipline
Dr Gary AbrahamsPractitioner Research FellowAccounting
Dr Jan AuerbachLecturer in EconomicsEconomics
Professor Dieter BalkenborgAssociate Professor of EconomicsEconomics
Professor John BurnsProfessor of Management & AccountancyAccounting
Professor Surajeet ChakravartyAssociate Professor in Economics, Director of Postgraduate Research Students (Economics)Economics
Dr Jingnan ChenLecturer in EconomicsEconomics
Dr Dudley CookeSenior Lecturer in EconomicsEconomics
Dr Christina DargenidouSenior Lecturer in FinanceFinance
Dr Lora DimitrovaSenior Lecturer in FinanceFinance
Dr Ana FernandesSenior Lecturer in EconomicsEconomics
Professor Miguel FonsecaAssociate Professor of EconomicsEconomics
Dr Pedro Garcia AresLecturer in FinanceFinance
Dr Marcus GomesLecturer in Organisation Studies and SustainabilityOrganisation Studies
Professor Brit GrosskopfProfessor of Economics, Head of EconomicsEconomics
Dr Stanley GyoshevLecturer in Finance, PGT Senior TutorFinance
Dr Sarah HartleySenior Lecturer in Management, Director of Postgraduate Research Students (Management Studies)Management
Professor Will HarveyProfessor of Management and Co-Director of the Centre for Leadership StudiesOrganisation Studies
Dr Beverley HawkinsSenior Lecturer in Leadership / Organisation Studies, Director of Education (Organisation Studies)Organisation Studies
Professor Joanne HortonProfessor of AccountingAccounting
Professor Simon JamesAssociate Professor in EconomicsOrganisation Studies
Dr Emma JeanesSenior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Head of Organisation Studies and Management StudiesOrganisation Studies
Dr Stephen JollandsSenior Lecturer in AccountingAccounting
Dr Fani KalogirouLecturer in Accounting & Finance - Education & ResearchAccounting
Professor Vicky KiosseAssociate Professor of Accounting, Director of Postgraduate Research Students (Accounting)Accounting
Professor Christos KotsogiannisProfessor of EconomicsEconomics
Dr Sebastian KripfganzLecturer in EconomicsEconomics
Dr Aliette LambertLecturer in MarketingOrganisation Studies
Dr Luke LindsayLecturer in EconomicsEconomics
Professor Gilad LivneProfessor of AccountingAccounting
Professor John MaloneyAssociate Professor of EconomicsEconomics
Professor Steve McCorristonProfessor of Agricultural EconomicsEconomics
Professor Kevin McMeekingAssociate Professor of AccountingAccounting
Dr Simone MeragliaLecturer in EconomicsEconomics
Professor Giovanna MichelonProfessor of Accounting, Director of Research (Accounting)Accounting
Dr David MonciardiniSenior Lecturer in ManagementManagement
Dr Gregory MorrisLecturer in Accounting and TaxationAccounting
Dr Ajit NayakSenior Lecturer in StrategyManagement
Dr Julian NeiraLecturer in EconomicsEconomics
Dr Anne O'BrienSenior Lecturer in Leadership StudiesOrganisation Studies
Majella O'LearySenior Lecturer in Organisational StudiesOrganisation Studies
Professor Lynne OatsProfessor of Taxation and AccountingAccounting
Dr Diana OnuLecturer in Business PsychologyAccounting
Professor Mari PaananenAssociate Professor of AccountingAccounting
Dr Graham PerkinsLecturer in Human Resource ManagementOrganisation Studies
Dr Eva PoenLecturer in EconomicsEconomics
Dr David ReinsteinSenior Lecturer in EconomicsEconomics
Professor Rajiv SarinProfessor of EconomicsEconomics
Professor Ruth SealyAssociate Professor of Organisation Studies, Co-Director Exeter Centre for LeadershipOrganisation Studies
Dr Hrishikesh SinghaniaLecturer in EconomicsEconomics
Professor Kim SoinAssociate Dean of Postgraduate Research and Doctoral College, Associate Professor of Accounting and ManagementAccounting
Dr Lindsay StringfellowSenior Lecturer in Marketing & Organisation StudiesOrganisation Studies
Dr Rajesh TharyanSenior Lecturer in Finance, Director of Postgraduate ResearchFinance
Nicky ThomasSenior Lecturer in Accounting, KPMG Programme DirectorAccounting
Dr Marwa TourkyLecturer in MarketingOrganisation Studies
Professor Grzegorz TrojanowskiProfessor of Finance, Director of Xfi, Head of FinanceFinance