Business, Institutions and Policy

The Business, Institutions and Policy (BIP) cluster has had 18 successful months since its inception, including:

  • Funding cluster members across 24 research projects
  • 8 successful grant applications, including with the ESRC and Arts Council England
  • 10 colleagues working on at least 7 impact case studies
  • Holding over 27 distinguished speakers, seminars, reading groups, workshops and away days
  • Hosting the forthcoming 23rd international conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications in 2018
  • Many cluster members cited in different media for their research

The cluster held a meeting in early September 2017 to discuss potential next steps.  After a pause for reflection the time is right to celebrate the very many achievements of the cluster and its members, to move forward with other activities and proposals, and to reinvest the cluster’s budget into other areas across the college.