Behaviour, Identity and Decisions research cluster

'Strategic Interaction/Institutions' theme

We study strategic behaviour when a number of agents interact and analyse the effects of changing the structure/mechanism of how such interactions take place.

This includes the study of auctions, product differentiation, the design of contracts and the role of institutions and reputation.


  • Surajeet Chakravarty
  • Kaustav Das
  • Miguel Fonseca
  • Brit Grosskopf
  • Todd Kaplan
  • David Kelsey
  • David Reinstein
  • Rajiv Sarin

Selected publications

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 Number 1.


2016-2017 (£32,600, Philip Stern) Understanding Procurement Behaviours: ESRC IAA Co-Creation award with the Crown Commercial Service which is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office responsible for providing commercial services to the public sector and improving government commercial and procurement activity. The Cabinet Office is a department of the Government of the United Kingdom.

The aim of this ESRC project is to explore ways of helping to meet the 33% procurement target for SMEs by 2020.