Research clusters

With a dedicated commitment to tackling even larger scale research challenges and to taking a more collaborative approach across all our departments, we’ve invested in excess of £250,000 in our vibrant new multi-disciplinary research clusters.

Comprising world-renowned academics, research students and distinguished international visitors, our research clusters include expertise from all specialisations across the Business School.

Our clusters

Behaviour, Identity and Decisions

The research cluster Behaviour, Identity and Decisions comprises six linked research themes, which all address key open questions of interest to behavioural and social scientists.

Our research is grounded in theory using both quantitative as well as qualitative tools. We value and draw on a range of expertise across various disciplines, including: accounting, anthropology, economics, computer science, finance, management, neuroscience, organisational behaviour, social psychology, and sociology.

Firms, Markets and Value

The Firms, Markets and Value cluster is a vibrant research community composed of academic researchers working across the Departments of Accounting, Economics and Finance.

Members research over a broad spectrum of issues in relation to the functioning of markets, firm governance, corporate behaviour and valuation.

Organisations in Transition

The Organisations in Transition research cluster is comprised of forty-three academics drawn from four of our five departments.

This multidisciplinary research environment coalesces around three themes of common intellectual interest: Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Service Systems; Simulation, Analytics and Modelling.

Sustainability & Circular Economy

The Sustainability & Circular Economy research cluster is an exciting new interdisciplinary research community at the University of Exeter Business School.

We bring together political economists, supply chain experts, biologists, business administrators, mathematical modellers and social scientists from across the Business School to explore, interrogate and challenge a wide variety of ideas relating to how we can make life on this planet more sustainable, circular and resilient.