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University of Exeter Business School

Exeter Expertise

This is where we translate our academic research into practical insights and solutions for individuals and organisations. It provides the latest thinking in our core areas of expertise: Environmental Sustainability, Responsible Leadership and Technological Transformation.

Explore the insights from our academics across a wide range of topics, intended to provoke discussion and examine the role of business in a rapidly changing global environment. We are redefining the role of business. Providing leadership for a better world.

Environmental Sustainability

The environmental and climate emergency present humanity with its greatest challenge. Sustaining the resources that make business possible, whilst prioritising the needs of the natural world is our first responsibility. At Exeter Business School we are rising to this challenge.

Much of our research is focused on examining the ways that the world of commerce can have a positive impact on the environment. We believe that it is time to fundamentally reconsider how organisations embed environmental sustainability into their operations and decision making – before it is too late.

Responsible Leadership

In an era of unprecedented change, the need for organisations to demonstrate responsible leadership has never been greater. The pandemic has emphasised and exacerbated the social injustices that remain across society and forced many businesses to radically change their method of operation.

Despite decades of progress, equality and diversity remain issues to be addressed in the workplace and the nature of the relationship between employer and employee are transforming at speed.

Technological Transformation

The digital age has revolutionised business and the rate of change is still accelerating. Our research is at the forefront of examining how organisations can harness the power of technological transformation in a socially responsible way.

We examine the ethical considerations that new technologies bring and explore the ways in which digital connectivity is changing the way that we interact with one another and conduct business.