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Call for papers for TARC workshop


TARC organises a range of events throughout the year:

Research workshops

TARC regularly invites speakers to presentat at research workshops. The presentations reflect all aspects of the Centre’s work and cover a wide range of topics in tax administration.

Training workshops

TARC delivers a number of custom-designed training workshops. The workshops focus on the application of research methods to practical issues faced by tax administration. Proposed training courses include the use of computable general equilibrium modelling, econometric policy evaluation and agent-based simulation.

Master classes

TARC delivers a series of master classes led by Centre members and International Fellows. Master classes are designed to meet the needs of both tax authority employees and researchers in tax administration.  Subjects for master classes include implications of behavioural economics for tax policy, evaluation of tax policy, and tax gap estimation.

TARC & IQTE Partnership events

The programme of activities for the "Behavioural Compatibility between Individual Choice and Collective Action" project includes a wide range of events, including workshops, masterclasses and reciprocal visits by partnership researchers.

Events take place at both the University of Exeter and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences over the course of the three year research project.

JOTA Events

The Journal of Tax Administration (JOTA) runs occasional events, including workshops and symposiums, focussing on a range of topics and issues within the area of tax administration.

Speakers and attendees at these events include leading tax practitioners and policy makers, as well as academics from institutions throughout the world.

Upcoming events


Event typeVenueNotes
26-27 April 2017 Research workshop,
TARC & IQTE event

TARC, Exeter

5th Annual TARC workshop, IQTE visit to TARC

May 2017 (TBC) TARC & IQTE event IQTE, Beijing

TARC researchers will visit IQTE to deliver master classes on the topics of:

  • Advanced Econometrics
  • The Application of Agent-Based Modelling in Policy Analysis
  • The Application of Experimental Methods to Economic Policy Design

Past events

21-22 April 2016 4th Annual Workshop University of Exeter Business School The keynote lectures were delivered by James Alm (Tulane) and Nina Olson (US National Taxpayer Advocate).
Download the full programme.
11 December 2015 Tax Avoidance Workshop Broadway House, London This workshop focussed on the subject of tax avoidance, organised by Nigar Hashimzade and Yuliya Epifantseva.
Download the full programme.
20-21 April 2015 3rd Annual Workshop University of Exeter Business School Leonard Burman and Jeffrey Owens provided the keynote presentations. Download the full programme.
10-11 March 2014 2nd Annual TARC Workshop University of Exeter Business School The keynote at the second TARC workshop was delivered by Joel Slemrod. Download the full programme.
28-29 January 2013 Inaugural centre launch workshop University of Exeter Business School This two-day workshop launched the ESRC/HMRC/HMT Tax Administration Research Centre. The keynote lecture was delivered by Mick Keen (IMF). The invitation to attend the workshop was extended to Centre members,
University of Exeter Business School staff, international fellows and funders. Download the full programme including embedded presentation slides
28-29 June 2016 TARC Data Science Masterclass Manchester Conference Centre

TARC ran a two-day Data Science master class titled 'Challenges facing modern tax administration in the age of algorithms', delivered by Dr. Tony Bellotti, Imperial College London.

This master class presented aspects of Data Science that can be used in tax administration. The class reviewed the main principles of Data Science and ways to make it work for us. It considered several machine learning methods, such as support vector machine, random forests and boosting, that can be used to discover knowledge in data. The class addressed the specific topics of Big Data, unstructured data and the challenges and opportunities of machine-generated data. Case studies from different industry sectors were presented, demonstrating the applicability of the various methods. The class included several practical sessions, used the R statistical language, enabled attendees to gain hands-on experience of the methods being taught. The course was developed in conjunction with the Data Science Capability Building Manager, Shakeel Khan, at HMRC, the UK tax authority.

18 January 2016 TARC Masterclass 2016 Broadway House, London Thomas Rutherford delivered the master class titled 'CGE Analysis of Environmental Regulation and Tax Reform'
9-10 October 2014 TARC Masterclass 2014 Friends House, London Erich Kirchler delivered the TARC master class 2014. Download the full programme.
21-22 November 2013 TARC Masterclass 2013 CILIP, London

The master class 'Measuring the Tax Gap' was delivered by Brian Erard.

The Masterclass addressed methods for measuring the tax gap. The class began with a review of conceptual issues and the uses (and misuses) of tax gap measures. It proceeded to consider the use and effectiveness of alternative measurement methods. The topics included sample design considerations for random audits, application of model-based methods, operational audits, surveys and administrative data.


22-23 June 2016


TARC, Exeter
IFS, London

TARC & IQTE researchers participated in a two-day workshop programme.

23-24 November 2015 Launch Workshop IQTE, Beijing

TARC researchers visited IQTE to take part in a "Behavioural Compatibility between Individual Choice and Collective Action" project launch workshop.


14 July 2016

JOTA and the Centre for Tax Law, Cambridge: "Trends in Tax Exceptionalism and Tax Litigation" Broadway House, London
23-24 November 2015 JOTA Symposium: "The Changing Shape of Tax Avoidance" Friends House, London