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Bayesian statistics in R and Stata

The aim of this workshop is to provide an introduction (both theoretical and practical) to Bayesian statistics, focusing in particular on modern computational approaches to Bayesian inference – i.e., Markov chain Monte Carlo methods. We will basic theory underlying model specification and estimation, will review examples of application of Bayesian inference, and R Stata, and WinBUGS/JAGS, to fit the presented in these illustrative examples


Gabriel Katz Wisel is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Exeter. His work focuses on Comparative Politics, Political Economy and Research Methods. In particular, his research uses advanced quantitative methods – mainly Bayesian statistics, but also causal inference and experimental techniques – to address substantive questions in comparative politics, political behaviour and political economy. His work has been published in leading economics and political science journals, such as the American Journal of Political Science, Comparative Political Studies, the Economic Journal, the Journal of Law, Economics & Organization, the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and Political Behavior, among other outlets.

Gabriel earned his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in June 2010. He also holds an MSc. from Caltech and a Licenciatura in Economics from the Universidad de la Republica, in Uruguay.

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