9th Service Science Forum 2012

The focus of the 9th Service Science Forum held in London Paddington in May this year, was ‘New Business Models in the Digital Economy’. Represented at the forum were over 25 delegates from UK organisations including Selex Galileo, Fujitsu, Lloyds TSB, IBM, Gartner and the National Health Service.

Presentation and breakout session

After a brief introduction by Professor Roger Maull and Professor Irene Ng, the 9th Service Science Forum welcomed guest speaker Professor Haluk Demirkan from the Center for Services Leadership at Arizona State University. Based on his work with organisations such as American Express; Intel; Bank of America; MicroStrategy Corp and Teradata on the application of Service Science, Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, Prof. Demirkan gave a presentation entitled ‘Redefining Market Opportunities through ICT-Oriented Service Innovation’. In this presentation, Prof. Demirkan reviewed the drive for service innovation and the associated role of ICT in redefining market space for future growth strategies.

In a breakout session on ‘New Business Models in the Digital Economy’ delegates were asked to review a literature based framework of business models. The framework defined a business model by its value proposition, creation and capture. In a series of exercises, in which delegates reviewed their own business models, participants were asked to review the framework and identify gaps in its explanatory power. The following issues were raised:

The framework did not adequately address the impact of internal and external context of the business model. It was suggested that the transition between business models may be more insightful than analysis of any particular model.

Download a copy of Professor Demirkan's presentation.

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