Service Science Forum Seven
7th Service Science  Forum - 2010

7th Service Science Forum - 2010

Forum Report

The 7th Service Science Forum was held in London on Thursday 16th September 2010 and was hosted by Virgin Media. The forum was attended by participants across many industrial sectors including banking and finance, defence, insurance, management consulting, engineering, health and IT services, to name a few.

Presentation and Discussion Session

After a brief introduction by Professors Roger Maull, Andi Smart and Irene Ng, the 7th Service Science Forum welcomed guest speaker Dr Scott Sampson, James M Passey Professor of Business Management at Brigham Young University in the USA. Professor Sampson gave a presentation entitled ‘Service Process Chain Diagrams: a powerful tool for service innovation and design’. In this presentation, Prof. Sampson reviewed the fundamentals of Service Process Chain Diagrams and demonstrated how they can unlock strategic opportunities in almost any service process by understanding the nature of the relationships between customers and service providers within a supply chain. The presentation provided some hands-on experience in using the diagrams, as well as their use in analysis of key processes from participant’s organizations. A brief discussion period offered the attendees the chance to discuss the concept with Prof. Sampson, as well as propose challenges grounded in practical experiences.

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