Nick Low, PhD student

Nick Low

Nick is a retail manager with 30 years of operations experience working for the Co-operative group and currently undertaking a part-time PhD within ISR. Having spent the last 18 years managing diverse groups of stores, in 2006 he was given the opportunity to take on a newly created role of Sales and Store Development Manager within the South West and Wales Region. This role oversees a wide range of activities from the operational delivery of the regions store refit program to specific sales focused initiatives. Through a team of skilled sales advisors and working closely with Field Operations Management, this role is adding focus and clarity to the National Sales programme supported by local and regional sales initiatives.
In the course of researching his MBA dissertation studying the Experience Economy, it became evident that service satisfaction could be viewed from a number of different angles and that currently many businesses had a fairly limited vision of how this could be achieved. In developing his understanding of this particular aspect of service strategy, his research will discover whether the experience economy concept can be applied across all sectors of the service industry. Given the size of the service industry, this topic is therefore relevant not only to his particular circumstances, but also to wider audience of practicing managers.

Francine Carter - PA to ISR team
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