Kyle Alves, PhD student

Kyle Alves

Kyle is a PhD student within ISR. His primary field of study and interest is operations within service-based organisations. A graduate of the University of Exeter (MBA, 2007) and the University of Arizona (BA, 1993), Kyle brings a wide-range of experience and perspective to ISR. Most recently, he spent two years in private consulting in multiple industries, but primarily in telecommunications. Prior to that, he spent nearly three years in Zurich, Switzerland with the Claims Resolution Tribunal, which is a mass claims process on dormant WWII-era Swiss bank accounts. Before Switzerland, Kyle was a staff member for an elected official in the US state of California, servicing as a legislative aide and community representative. His early career was spent with several business assistance/improvement organisations, and he also spent 6 years in the news media (radio and television).

His early research focuses primarily on variations within processes used in service organisations; and specialised efficiency and improvement solutions within those processes. He is particularly interested in applications of this research to international NGOs and similar assistance-based organisations.

 Telephone: +44 (0) 1392 723496
 Address: University of Exeter Business School
Streatham Court
Streatham Campus
University of Exeter

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