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Information for researchers

The FEELE lab is located in Streatham Court, 0.29 at the Streatham Campus of the University of Exeter.

FEELE has 32 networked Windows-based computers, as well as two experimenter servers. In addition, the FEELE lab has 30 x Shimmer3 GSR+ sensor units to measure the skin conductance levels and heart rate, as well as 32 x Affectiva 4.0.0 to detect facial expressions and calculate measures of emotional response from a built-in HP High Definition 1MP webcam.

The FEELE lab adheres to the ethical standards of the Economic Science Association, as well as the ethical guidelines set forth by the ESRC. Researchers using the FEELE lab must obtain ethics approval from the University of Exeter Business School Ethics officer or their institution’s ethics board prior to collecting data. University of Exeter faculty and/or students can find the relevant documentation and information here.

University of Exeter researchers outside of the Business School who wish to use the lab, please contact Miguel Fonseca and Scott Vincent for any inquiries.