I enjoy working with people and my commitment to my clients is to bring energy, expertise, enthusiasm, understanding and challenge, as well as a sense of humour.

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Val Brookes

Company: Val Brookes

Email: val.brookes@exeter.ac.uk

Fellow of the Exeter Centre for Leadership.

I am an independent Coach working with Leaders and Managers in the public sector, as they change or take on new careers.

Ask me about the work I do with Clients

I coach leaders and managers who seek a ‘career transition’ -stepping up, stepping out, new roles. The issues people often bring to coaching include – wanting to develop a better sense of the ‘big picture’ or be ‘more strategic’, wanting to build confidence and effectiveness in their role, improve working relationships, think differently about career pathways and opportunities etc. I provide a safe space, skilful challenge and positive feedback.

I also work with small groups/ teams/networks, who seek to be more effective, to develop their leadership role and opportunities, facilitating regional professional networks and study days

I have a track record in project management …

  1. Culture change programme within a large organization
  2. Cancer centre accreditation for acute hospital
  3. Management for Clinical Directors, Clinical Management Teams
  4. Integrating two neuroscience services + £7m new build
  5. Cross agency development for Policy implementation (community care,framework for primary care)

Ask me anything about the work I do with ExCL /Business School

  1. Dissertation supervision
  2. Short courses
  3. Project management, coaching and mentoring
  4. Director for the Exeter Leadership Network
  5. Facilitating links between Faculty and Network members in pursuit of research impact, education and teaching, case studies etc
  6. Research and writing: Eric Cecil Gordon England 1891-1976

Tell me everything about

  1. What is important for you at the moment? What is the timescale? 
  2. Who else is involved in this and could support you? How could you think differently about this?
  3. How can I work with you to support you to achieve your targets /goals?

Here is what you should know about working with me

When I coach, you set the agenda and pace, tell me what is really important to you – I bring skilful questioning, challenge, an alternative perspective, a safe space and a sense of humour. What we talk about is confidential and between us. (Note: Coaching is not privileged under law).

I am a well-organized self-starter and I enjoy working on complex projects. I have over 30 years’ experience in clinical management and project management roles at local and regional levels. My clients are mainly in the public sector, but not exclusively. I am a qualified Coach, Occupational Therapist and I hold a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) from the University of Exeter.