With Proficiency in Leadership

University of Exeter Students from across the Streatham Campus* can get ‘with proficiency in Leadership’ added to their degree title, thanks to the Business School’s degree enhancement pathway.

While we are facing an uncertain future full of complex global, social, and environmental issues, more and more employers are looking for graduates in all fields who have additional leadership skills, and the WPI-L pathway has been designed to help you achieve this no matter your career path.

The With Proficiency in (WPI) Leadership pathway offers students with the capacity for modularity an opportunity to incorporate the study of leadership into their programmes whilst retaining the focus of their chosen academic discipline. By successfully completing 60 credits* (four 15 credit modules) in leadership during their degree a student can opt in to the programme and request that WPI Leadership is added to their degree title.For example, Sociology With Proficiency in Leadership, or Anthropology With Proficiency in Leadership.  Condoned modules will not count towards qualification for the proficiency degree title.

Gaining an understanding of leadership models, challenges and competencies, exploring the big themes in leadership, such as managing change and crisis, leading teams, managing equality and diversity at work, is vital for graduates from all disciplines. Developing your own leadership skills and experience, and learning how to apply them, is a signal to employers that you have prepared yourself to become a leader and have taken steps to ensure you are workplace ready. It is also a chance to diversify your learning and join vibrant, challenging and topical modules that engage in the ongoing debates surrounding leadership in our ever-changing and complex world.

The WPI Leadership pathway is comprised of ten modules with several options for each year of study. Most are taught in the Business School, although one option is currently offered in Law. Students should complete four modules from this list across their programme, being aware that some modules specify pre-requisites (see details for BEM3051).

For further details on module content and structure please contact the listed module convenors.

For further information about the pathway please contact Dr Sarah Bailey: s.e.bailey@exeter.ac.uk

Module titleModule code
Leadership and Teams  BEM1021
Introduction to Leadership  BEM1022
Leading in International Contexts BEM2035
Leadership: Challenges and Practice BEM2037
Contemporary Leadership Issues BEM3047
Leading Change in Practice BEM3048/BEM3048A
Organisational Development BEM3051
Managing Change and Crisis  BEM3052
Employment Law for Managers BEM3057
Equality and Diversity at Work  LAW3169

*All efforts have been made to make the programme available across colleges and within Streatham campus. Students are responsible for opting into WPI Leadership and ensuring their course allows for the flexibility to complete the required module set.